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Mental Health

Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders including depression, and anxiety. Alternative therapy for mental health issues based on research and medical news. Tips on how to live a happy life. Exercises and other lifestyle interventions that can help emotional well-being. Articles and research findings that focus on eating disorders and adolescent mental health and well-being.

Patient Restraints Use Reduced Through Use of Consultation Program

When mental health consultation team worked closely with the hospital staff teaching specific interventions to be used with patients diagnosed with both a mental illness and a developmental disability, the use of restraints was eliminated for these patients over a two-year period.


Virginia Must Prize Mental Illness Treatment Over Psychosis

Virginia's mental illness treatment laws are among the most restrictive in the nation. To get help via involuntary commitment, the state requires someone obviously incapacitated by the symptoms of an illness like schizophrenia to be an immediate physical danger to themselves or others.

The tragic results of this archaic law are seen every day across the Commonwealth, but drew national attention in the aftermath of the murders at Virginia Tech. The stories that play out every day in our homes and towns draw little national media attention, but create much pain.


When Your Grown Child Refuses Treatment, Then What?

When a severely mentally ill child over 18-years old refuses treatment, what can parents do? If the illness is life-threatening or poses harm to others, involuntary commitment for inpatient care is an option. However, for most parents, helping their grown child may require a host of intervention techniques, crisis services, and community support. What sets mental illness apart from physical illness is that a common response of the psychotic person is to avoid treatment and deny any illness.


Mental Illness May Occur Due To Disturbance In Brain's Seat Of Anxiety, Fear

Why do mental illness and drug addiction often go together? New research reveals that this type of dual diagnosis may stem from a common cause: developmental changes in the amygdala, a walnut-shaped part of the brain linked to fear, anxiety and other emotions. A full report on why these "comorbid" disorders may develop appears in the December Behavioral Neuroscience, published by the American Psychological Association (APA).