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Is Something Else Causing Mental Illness?

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Mental Health

The brain is a sturdy yet fragile organ that we tend to ignore. Yet expecting it to function properly and give us the acuity needed. And we are failing it miserably today by not giving it the nutrients needed to work efficiently.

It's not totally your fault that your brain isn't functioning up to it's potential, as our farmers are failing us by not growing nutrient rich foods that our brain needs. Many decades ago farming didn't require all the fertilizers and chemicals now used and they rotated crops in a seven year pattern affording the ground's sufficient nutrients according to the rotation pattern. Past foods contained 75 - 80 per cent more nutrients than today.

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Your brain requires a nutrient balance to work properly. It is my opinion along with several scientists that when the brain is given the proper balance of minerals we can prevent a multitude of mental problems (chemical imbalances).

Your brain uses 50% of your energy and only occupies a small portion of your total body volume, yet is the most important organ in your body. Are you frequently tired? Are you forgetting things that shouldn't be forgotten? Are you experiencing brain confusion, even to the point of hallucinating? What phobias threaten to overtake you?

All those symptoms can be created by a malnourished brain. Your brain requires complete minerals and trace minerals to function on all plateaus. Are you putting ALL
of them into your brain? Or are you putting in all the chemicals and hormones fed animals to fatten them and make them worth more dollars? Or the few enrichments in your cereals and foods that drain your brain power?