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Anger Should Be Considered As Mental Health Problem

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Many people are getting angry frequently destroying their families and health, but anger is not being considered as mental health problem, thus it is not being properly treated.

Mental Health Foundation surveyed 2000 people and found that 64% of them think that people in general are becoming more angry, 32% of them have friends or family member who are unable to control their emotions and are getting angry easily, 28% of them are getting angry themselves and they are even surprised with how angry they can be.

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It is already known that anger leads to numerous health problems, such as heart disease, stroke, flu, cold, cancer. It may also lead to mental problems like depression, self-harm, substance misuse. However, anger is not considered as mental health problem and those getting angry easily are not asking doctors for help.

If one goes to mental health specialist and talk about anger, he will probably referred to voluntary sector, but many patients will not like this option, because they will be unable to judge if they can trust volunteers or now. Patients need certified and well trained doctors to assist their mental health needs.

Scientists urge the importance of doctors to be trained up for anger treatment. Most emotional problems like phobia, eating disorders, anxiety, panic, and depression are considered as mental disorders. A mental health doctors will consult a patient with any of these problems, but not a patient with such a destroying emotion like anger.