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Workplace Immigration Raids Affect Hispanic Children's Mental Health

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Children of parents arrested in workplace immigration raids facemental health conditions, such as post-traumatic stress disorder,separation anxiety and depression, according to a report released onWednesday and commissioned by the National Council of La Raza, the AP/Google.com reports.

The report, conducted by the Urban Institute,analyzed the effects of recent workplace raids in Greeley, Colo.; GrandIsland, Neb.; and New Bedford, Mass. During those raids, officialsarrested 900 suspected undocumented immigrants, and as a result, 500children unexpectedly lost communication with one or both parents(Garcia, AP/Google.com, 10/31). Most of the children were ages 10 oryounger, and two-thirds of the children were U.S. citizens, accordingto the report (Graham, Tulsa World,11/1). An estimated 3.1 million children who are U.S. citizens areliving with at least one undocumented immigrant parent, according to2006 Pew Hispanic Center data.

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Accordingto the report, the situation left some children with unstablesupervision and caused stress and emotional trauma. The report foundthat most of the children affected had at least one parent to care forthem, but that parent often was unable to make decisions and haveaccess to his or her partner's money (AP/Google.com, 10/31). Inaddition, the parent and or family member caring for the children oftenwas reluctant to seek help out of fear of being deported themselves,the report said. Local systems sometimes end up caring for childrenseparated from an undocumented immigrant parent, according to thereport.


"There are consequences forchildren, and most of them are U.S. citizens," Rosa Maria Castaneda,research associate at the institute, said, adding, "That should be partof the consideration in the U.S. immigration enforcement efforts. Thechildren are lost in the process. The children's needs should beconsidered and weighed." She added, "I cannot see how it wouldn'tcreate a crisis" (Tulsa World, 11/1).

Tim Counts, spokesperson for Immigration and Customs Enforcement,said the agency makes an extra effort to ensure that children ofsuspects in raids are cared for, noting that in the wake of the raidsin Greeley, about 100 people were released for humanitarian reasons tocare for children. He added that the report "takes the bizarre positionthat ICE is somehow responsible for family disruption caused by parentswho make poor decisions. Law enforcement agencies across the nationarrest people who have children every day. Everyone understands thatparents are responsible for their actions and the resulting impact ontheir families" (AP/Google.com, 10/31).

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What they fail to mention is that the parents put themselves and their children at risk in the first place when they break the law and come here.
They also fail to mention the impact of the crime affecting children and families who are citizens of the U.S. Deborah Schurman-Kauflin of the Violent Crimes Institute in Atlanta analyzed 1,500 cases from January 1999 through April 2006 that included serial rapes, serial murders, sexual homicides and child molestation committed by illegal immigrants. * 525, or 35 percent, were child molestations * 358, or 24 percent, were rapes * 617, or 41 percent, were sexual homicides and serial murders Of the child molestations, 47 percent of the victims were Hispanic, 36 percent Caucasian, 8 percent Asian, 6 percent African American and 3 percent other nationalities. In 82 percent of the cases, she noted, the victims were known to their attackers.
I am a U.S, Citizen, and I have to do a research for one of my classes of Deportations and this affect the children behavior. To be honest, U.S, Citizen are so f... ignorant making this kind of comments like yours. What I noticed that our people are worse than illegal people, mentally, the only different is that if a white guy kills children in a school it will be in the news in a week and then it is over, if it is an arabic, omg he is a terrorist. If a white guy rape a kid, he goes to jail for 5 years and he "learn his lesson" if a black guy do it "well he is black what you expect" Who are the one who goes inside of elementary schools to kill childrens, a movie theater, what happened to batman? yes a U.S. citizen who is mentally stupid, and bombs in his house, and well he is U.S. Citizen so lets put him as a mentally sick asshole, if it was an arabic he is a terrorist, if he was hispanic he is illegal, lets deport all of them. Sometime i feel ashamed to say I am U.S. Citizen, do some research about white and black people and then we talk who is the sick people in this country.