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NPR Examines Mental, Physical Challenges Facing Female Military Veterans

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NPR's "Talk of the Nation"on Tuesday included a discussion about access to mental health care andother issues female military service members face after returning fromIraq and Afghanistan. The number of U.S. women in military service isat an all-time high, with women now making up nearly 15% of active dutypersonnel. Female veterans are susceptible to job instability andhomelessness and are more likely than men to experience post-traumaticstress disorder, according to "Talk of the Nation."

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Guests onTuesday's program included Sgt. 1st Class Antoinette Scott, who servedin Iraq; Marsha Four, director of Homeless Veterans Services and formerchair of the Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee on Women Veterans; and Cheryl Beversdorf, president and CEO of the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.According to Four, female veterans who did not serve in combat orsustain injuries sometimes are hesitant to access veterans' services.The guests also discussed mental trauma among female veterans,substance use, sexual discrimination and other topics (Neary, "Talk ofthe Nation," NPR, 7/24). Audio of the segment is available online.


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