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UK Health Minister Launches Public Information Campaign On Suicide Awareness

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Health Minister Paul Goggins has launched a major public information campaign aimed at de-stigmatising mental health and promoting suicide prevention and awareness.

The campaign forms part of the wider North/South co-operation on suicide prevention, and the "It's Me" television advertisement will be shown throughout the Island of Ireland.

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Minister Goggins said: "Research shows that poor mental health is often a contributory factor in many local suicides. The attitudes and stigma associated with mental illness must change. People should feel confident to talk about their mental health and have access to the support and services that can reduce the likelihood of them going on to take their own lives.

"The public information campaign highlights the fact that mental illness can affect any one of us. Taking control of our mental health through simple measures such as talking about our problems or taking part in physical activity can make a real difference."

The information campaign is being taken forward as part of the implementation of the Northern Ireland Suicide Prevention Strategy, "Protect Life- A Shared Vision". It highlights the need to reduce the stigma around the issue of mental health, in order to get people talking about their problems.

The Minister continued: "I welcome the co-operation with the Republic of Ireland in delivering this important message. Working with the Department of Health and Children, this advertisement will play an important part in helping spearhead suicide prevention public information campaigns north and south of the border."



i am a sufferer of a mental health issue and suffer anxiety attacks because of it. i cannot go out on my own and will stay in if i cannot get someone to come with me. i am on sick benefit paid by income support and have a 17 year old son. i receive £60 per week for both of us and the benefits department have taken £12 per week off all together for council tax and rent arrears and now another £6.10 per week for a debt that they have not explained to me. How am i supposed to live on this? I am also being bullied and pushed into workbased interviews and medical examination by the benefits department even though they receive sick notes from my doctor regularly and aware of my situation. I do want to work but i need to get well first and need help and support for that, not with getting back to work when i am not well enough. What was the reason for Rowntree developing the poverty lin, if it was not for helping people who were living below it? As i have been led to believe that it was developed for that sole reason so then if , like my letters state from benefits, "the law says you need £60 per week to live on" then why is it that the benefit agencies are allowed to deduct money from benefits and make our life harder and more stressful than it is already? Why is that not breaking the law as it certainly does not help my and others mental health when they are "allowed to do this. It certainly makes suicide look more appealing than struggling the way i am at the moment.