Why Some Diets Don't Work

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Diets that promise fast weight loss are a lie, because we can't shed 10 pounds of fat in a week - only water and lean muscle. And it's fat, after all, that we want to lose.

There's a good reason diets don't work, says nutritional coach Deborah Arneson, BS, MS, LCN. Most people do them wrong.


Having helped hundreds of clients achieve their goal weight for the first time, here are her top 9 diet bloopers:

  • Poor sleep habits. Bedding down after 10 and sleeping too little prohibits nightly adrenal regeneration and adds toxic load in the liver--leading to weight gain and slow metabolism.

  • Not enough calories. Eating less than your body's minimum daily requirement causes your body to store fat. This feast or famine response kicks in the moment daily calorie intake drops below 1,200.

  • Under hydration. Drinking too little water slows down your metabolism and fat burning. To calculate your daily water allowance: Weight in pounds