Don't Take Slimming Products With Undeclared Drug Ingredient

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Hong Kong Department Of Health Department of Health (DH) urged members of the public not to buy or consume a slimming product named as "Yu Xiu Tang Yang Yan Shou Shen Jiao Nang" because it was found to have contained an undeclared drug ingredient.

The department launched investigation into the product after receiving a report involving a 20-year-old woman who was admitted to Princess Margaret Hospital on July 24 for headache. She had a history of taking the above product which was obtained from a friend. Further investigation is in progress.

Laboratory tests conducted by the hospital and Government Laboratory on the product showed the presence of sibutramine.

A spokesman for DH explained that the hospital test result on the product was an incidental finding and that the patient's symptom was not believed to be related to the product. In fact, she had been discharged.


Sibutramine is a western drug used as appetite suppressant. However, it can cause increased blood pressure and heart rate, and persons with heart problems should not take it. It should only be used under medical supervision.

"Products containing sibutramine must be registered before they can be sold in Hong Kong. Products containing this drug ingredient are prescription only medicine and can only be sold on a doctor's prescription and dispensed under the supervision of a pharmacist," he added.

According to DH's record, the concerned product is not registered in Hong Kong. There is no record of this product being imported into Hong Kong.

Members of the public who have been using the product should stop using it immediately. They should consult their doctors for medical advice if they feel unwell.

They should destroy and dispose of the products or submit them to the Department's Pharmaceutical Service at 3/F, Public Health Laboratory Centre, 382 Nam Cheong Street, Kowloon, during office hours.

The spokesman reiterated that a balanced diet and exercise are crucial factors in keeping fit and healthy. Members of the public who want to reduce weight are advised to consult their doctors first.


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Thanks for your advise on Slimming Products coming with Undeclared Drug Ingredient. Sibutramine is a regulated drug all over the world and so a licence is required before it can be used and it is also a drug that requires a doctors subscription. Adding it to slimming products without informing the consumer of the presence of the drug and the risks involved could have very serious health consequences for some people, especially those with any sort of heart problem.