Incredible Weight Loss Story of Ron Lester

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The unbelievable weight loss story of the movie start Ron Lester has captured the media attention today as Ron's weight loss amounts to 350 pounds.

Best known for is 1999 movie "Varsity Blues" and the TV Show Popular Ron Lester became 509 pounds at age 30. According to reports Lester has suffered from obesity since the age 5.


Now making an incredible comeback Ron Lester tells those who suffer from being overweight and obese that it's possible to lose 350 pounds and adapt a healthy eating habits.

By late 2001, Lester successfully lost over 250 pounds. He has had a gastric bypass surgery and 14 plastic surgeries to tighten and remove excess skin.

Ron Lester made an appearance on The Montel Williams Show weighing around 173 pounds.



how much did you weigh at the age of 5?