Losing Weight With 12-Second Sequence

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Revewing 12-Second Sequence weight loss book, TODAY says that Wellness expert Jorge Cruise promises to reduce your waistline in just two weeks with his "12-Second Sequence" weight-loss program.


As the year is just out and many people's New Year's Resolution lists include weight loss after holiday and Christmas parties they will be made aware of many new diet and weight loss books and programs that make promises to address various parts of healthy eating and diet. One of them now is 12-Second Sequence book by Jorge Cruise telling you how can one shrink waistline in just two weeks.

One mother in Amazon.com reviewing 12-Second Sequence writes that "This workout is fantastic! I am a super busy mom and just tried the DVD last week. I felt it the next day and it only took me about 20 minutes 2x per week. He also wants you to add 20 mins of cardio on the other days. Very doable program and he is not too bad to look at either!!! Looked like he has had a lot of success with clients on program too. Will try joining his online club. Great diet plan you can get easy access too there as well as the book. Thanks again Jorge for another great, doable program.

Amazon.com - 10 Questions with Jorge Cruise about The 12-Second Sequence

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