The Joy Fit Club Helps To Lose 100 pounds or more

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New York nutritionist Joy Bauer is making good headlines with her weight loss and nutrition program called The Joy Fit Club.


The Joy Fit Club is based in New York City and has earned the attention of numerous top TV shows and health magazines. In fact, The Today Show will present members of the Joy Fit Club who have lost and kept off a significant amount of weight.

"Twice a month, TODAY will induct new members into nutritionist Joy's Bauer's Fit Club. These are determined people who have lost and kept off a significant amount of weight -- 100 pounds or more. Read their inspiring and motivating stories of how they lost the weight the good old-fashioned way, through diet, exercise and no surgery," reads the announcement in TODAY show's website.

The club has been inspiration for many people wishing to lose extra weight. Patti Ferrara from Youngstown, OH comments to a personal weight loss experience of Mandy Muniz (who went from 300 pounds to 126 with Joy Fit Club) and writes "I haven't hit the Joy Fit Club 100 yet, but I'm close.



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