Smart For Life - An Intensive Weight Loss Program

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Zimmerman Advertising announces another healthy win: Smart for Life -- an intensive weight loss program -- a nice $25 million coup for the agency on a blazing year-long winning streak.

In prototypical Zimmerman fashion, Smart for Life will benefit from the agency's take-no-prisoners approach to grabbing market share and achieving massive results after being selected following interviews with shops around the country, including Kansas City's Bernstein-Rein.

Zimmerman's strategic approach for Smart for Life included an intense business audit that helps potential clients see their business opportunities from very different perspectives, long before the first Brandtailing campaign is designed. "We don't just find a way for a company to do business better. Rather, we often help our clients find a better business to be in," says Pat Patregnani, President of Zimmerman Advertising.

"In the ultra-competitive weight-loss industry, you have to be creative and use continual innovation to separate yourself from the competition," says Dr. Sasson Moulavi, founder of Smart for Life. "With Zimmerman, I have the team at my back to help me outperform everyone else through an intense and vested approach to our success."


"We have the advantage of proven performance in every sector we enter, shifting our clients' business into hyper-drive," notes Michael Goldberg, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer at Zimmerman. "Moreover, what we offer is the distinct ability to build brands while remaining fully accountable to next-day sales, which will keep every facet of the Smart for Life business model happy -- marketing, sales, finance, and even its national franchise body."

"One of the reasons for our retail success reputation is our intense understanding of what is in the mind of today's consumer, and how those feelings translate to purchase behavior," says agency Founder and CEO Jordan Zimmerman. "Today, two out of every three people are overweight. Through our deep experience with categories such as QSR, drug, health and wellness, grocery and big box, we understand that consumers will spend anything on magic potions to solve their problems, when all that is truly needed is a real solution that works simply.

"Smart for Life is a company that we believe answers that need. Together, I know we can change the market, and Smart for Life will also get healthy as it helps the population do the same."

Smart for Life joins Zimmerman's other recent health and wellness client, Longs Drug Stores, rounding out a sector Jordan Zimmerman declared should be ready for the typical Zimmerman blitz-style Brandtailing invasion and commitment to a client's bottom line.

Smart For Life Weight Management Centers now has 37 locations open in upscale communities across the U.S. and Canada, with 100 more under contract. The popular Smart for Life Program, which includes medical supervision and one-on-one counseling, features its proprietary cookie that keeps the client hunger-free and satisfied all day. This combination of foods and professional supervision enables the Smart for Life client to safely and quickly lose 12 to 15 pounds every month.