Special K Mixes Up Weight Management With New Special K20 Protein Water

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On-the-go consumers want weight-management tools that are quick and simple.

Sometimes, those tools are hard to come by when they are tempted to eat or drink something that they might later regret. The Kellogg's Special K brand is launching new Special K2O Protein Water Mix to offer consumers a flavorful, convenient beverage with five grams of protein to help take the edge off hunger, and to help meet water intake needs when flavor and convenience are in highest demand.

Special K2O Protein Water Mix is the newest weight-management tool for consumers from the Special K brand and offers another convenient alternative to those who continue to demand a flavorful, portable, all-day weight-management tool. The easy-to-use, single-serve packets are available in Iced Tea, Strawberry Kiwi and Pink Lemonade flavors.

New Special K2O Protein Water Mix is the most recent addition to the Special K Protein portfolio, which includes Special K20 Protein Water and Special K Protein Meal and Snack Bars, all developed as all-day, weight-management tools.


"This is a great addition to our successful protein product portfolio," said Kellogg Company's Pablo Cordoba, director, adult ready-to eat-cereal marketing. "All Special K products are developed to help those trying to lose weight by offering great-tasting tools to help them stay on track with their weight-management goals all day long. New Special K20 Protein Water Mix is a convenient and flavorful beverage choice that helps take the edge off hunger and meet weight-management goals."

Easy, Convenient and Delicious

A high protein and/or fiber nutrition lifestyle has been shown to increase the feeling of fullness for a longer time than with less protein or fiber.

New Special K20 Protein Water Mix helps consumers take the edge off hunger between meals with the addition of five grams of protein and fiber. It is a convenient solution for dieters wanting more protein and fiber in their diet.

"Adding protein to your diet is an important tool in successful weight management," said Harley Pasternak, MSc, fitness and nutrition specialist and author of The 5 Factor Fitness and The New York Times Best Seller, The 5 Factor Diet. "Special K20 Protein Water Mix is a great weight-loss tool that can add protein to your diet anytime of day."

In addition, Special K20 Protein Water Mix is another beverage choice weight managers can enjoy as they participate in the Special K Challenge, which is a simple, great tasting way to help you lose up to six pounds in two weeks.