SenseWear Is Accurate For Measuring Calories Burned

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Measuring Burned Calories

BodyMedia, Inc. announced the recent results from a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition entitled "Evaluation of a portable device to measure daily energy expenditure in free-living adults."


The purpose of this validation study was conducted in a free-living environment and compared the SenseWear armband to the doubly labeled water (DLW) test, the "gold standard" for measuring free-living energy expenditure (EE) within the medical community.

"The study concludes that the armband's measurement of daily EE is accurate compared to the DLW test method," said Dr. Donna Wolf, clinical research manager at BodyMedia. "Successful solutions to treat metabolic disorders must include the ability to accurately predict and report energy expenditure within the context of a person's lifestyle. DLW is considered to be the gold standard, a metric to which few of our competitors have made comparisons."

Dr. Remi Rabasa-Lhoret, co-author of this research study, stated, "Increasing daily energy expenditure (EE) plays an important role in the prevention or treatment of several lifestyle-related diseases; however, up until now its measurement has remained problematic. We believe that the SenseWear armband is not only accurate but also a useful metabolic measurement tool. It highlights the significance of energy expenditure for numerous diseases and may also provide useful feedback to a patient, an important component for positive behavior change."