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Tattoo and Body Piercing

Here you can find articles related to tattoo and body piercing, including warnings, dangers, diseases from tattoos, safety and risks. Information about health issues, damage and allergies from tattoos and body piercing. Find out about tongue and nipple piercing, hepatitis C risks and permanent damage from tattoos and piercings.

How To Respond When Your Boy Wants His Ears Pierced

boy's ears pearced

"My boy son wants his ears pierced. His mother called and asked me my opinion, to which I said no. I explained to her that there was a verse in the Bible about markings and cutting on the human body. She didn't agree and said that I was taking the Scripture out of context. Does anyone know of multiple scriptures to back me up or to agree with her?," asks one parent on Facebook.

Public Warned Against Receiving Tattoos, Piercings

The Middlesex-London Health Unit is advising those seeking tattoos or piercing to obtain these services only from inspected, licensed shops. The Health Unit has recently received several reports of tattoos and piercing being done at unlicensed and uninspected establishments, including people's homes. Anyone who has received a tattoo or piercing at such an establishment, including a private home is asked to contact the Health Unit for follow-up and advice.

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What's In Your Microcapsule? Tattoo Ink - and More

Brown University and Freedom-2, - developing inks to make safe, durable but removable tattoos - have reached a licensing agreement that gives Freedom-2 the rights to use the microencapsulation process perfected in the laboratory of Edith Mathiowitz for the purposes of making tattoo ink.

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Teens, Tattoos and Body Piercing

Tattoos and body piercing are quite popular and are seen as a fashion statement, but there are health risks associated with tattooing and body piercing.

Tattooing and body piercing risks

My 15-year-old daughter really wants not only a tattoo, but she also seems to think everyone in her "group" is getting a nose stud. I have heard these things can pose a threat to your health. What information can you offer?

Answer: Tattoos and body piercing are quite popular among young people these days, both boys and girls. In some instances, tattoos and piercing are seen as a fashion statement, while others take part to enhance their self-esteem and peer image. Popular or not, there are definite risks and concerns.

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