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Is Mineral Make-Up a Good Choice for Natural Skin Care?

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Mineral Make Up for Skin Care

Mineral make-up is currently all the rage. Only one small company made it a few years ago, and now some of the major skin care manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon. Much of its appeal comes from it being advertised as natural and non-toxic. Natural skin care is always best, but it's wise to do a little research into any product before you take the plunge.

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There are several reasons why mineral make-up is popular. The colors are deeper and richer than dyes, it stays on longer than other cosmetics, it's water-resistant, and some of the ingredients are even natural sunscreens. However, natural skin care implies that the product is also safe, and that may not be the case with mineral make-up.

Here's the rundown on a few of the most common ingredients.

Titanium Dioxide - you will



are there any banned minerals that can be harmful if used in cosmetic range?
I think it's great to question the safety of everything although this a bit extreme. I've done my research and have found numerous studies on the safety of each of these ingredients. You might possibly have some problems if you stood in a cloud of mineral makeup dust, breathing it in constantly for months or years at at time (such as the lab rat studies) but luckily we don't live in a world like that and we should be much more concerned with fighting the free radicals in our environment (pollution) that is attacking our skin and less worried about finding something wrong with these gentle ingredients. I agree that Blismuth Oxichoride is a different story, though. Minerals are a much better alternative to regular toxic makeup and are beautiful when formulated and applied properly. Above there was a mention on using a moisturizer to make minerals go on lightly and to blend better. Minerals are not formulated correctly if they don't blend well so take it back if it is not blendable and if you need a lighter coverage you should dust less on your face. If a moisturizer is needed make sure it is completely absorbed before applying minerals or you will have a big mess on your hands. We need to be sure of information that we are presenting as fact.