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Heat Wave Draws Attention to Dry Skin Care Treatment

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Dry Skin Care

The joys of a summer vacation are plentiful despite the recent extreme and prolonged heat wave world-wide, but when it comes to good skin care, summer travel can often be the cause of dry skin. Arid plane cabins, change in climate, extensive walking, chlorinated pools, heat conditions, and environmental factors can all take their toll on the unprepared summer traveler. A shielding lotion can provide the needed protection to make your skin look like your vacation was the restful retreat it should be.

Whatever your mode of travel, dry skin is a risk. Everybody knows how hot a car gets during a heat wave, but even on a day with moderate temperatures, a car's indoor air can reach more than 160 degrees. A good air conditioning system helps cool things down, but both it and summer heat can still really dehydrate the body and skin. Air travel in arid cabins can also contribute to the dehydration factor.

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"Sweating is a mechanism to cool off the body. When our bodies get too hot we sweat to cool off. We trade the loss of salt and fluids for cooling, so the key is to drink more in a hot or arid climate, take in more of those electrolytes, and use a shielding lotion," says Dr. Lisa Benest, a dermatologist with a successful practice in Burbank, Calif.

A summer heat wave dictates bare-skinned fashions, and although everyone knows to use sunscreen to protect against skin damage during the peak of sunlight, many people are sensitive to the chemical ingredients found in sunscreens, or when traveling in lesser developed countries skin can be exposed to unknown harmful irritants. A shielding lotion restores the skin's own natural defenses to guard against both situations.

When traveling, a commonly ignored or forgotten part of a good skin care routine is foot care. "People walk more barefoot or in sandals during the summer, causing calluses to build up and skin to dry and crack, so people should take time to moisturize more frequently. That's where a good shielding lotion comes in," she says.

No matter the destination, or the mode of travel, the heat wave is sure to persist, so be prepared with a quality shielding lotion, like Gloves In A Bottle, to protect from the pitfalls of travel, such as irritated or dehydrated dry skin.