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Set The Right Tone For Younger Looking Skin

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Skin Care and Light

While fine lines and wrinkles are a concern for Canadian women, research suggests that luminosity, how skin interacts with light, and skin tone can play a key role in how people may perceive your age.

A team of European evolutionary biologists used 3D technology to understand the impact of skin discolourations on beauty and aging. They took digital images of 169 females, aged 10 to 70, and removed obvious age-defining characteristics like skin folds, wrinkles, and furrows leaving skin tone as the only variable. They then asked 430 study participants to estimate the age of the women in the images and rate their general attractiveness. Participants overwhelmingly made a connection between skin tone and youth. In fact, the researchers concluded that skin tone alone can impact a woman's perceived age by up to 20 years.

Melanin, hemoglobin and collagen all affect how light is reflected off our skin. In younger skin, these elements are evenly distributed causing flawless light reflection. As we age, they become more uneven resulting in increased age spots, spider veins, blotchiness and dull skin.

"In young skin, UV rays cause melanin pigment cells to turn on, producing an even, glowing tan," says Dr. Kucy Pon, Olay dermatologist. "The cells turn off again when the skin is no longer exposed. As skin gets older, pigment cells become damaged and after they are turned on, some don't turn off, resulting in age spots and discolouration."

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Highly-defined anti-aging skin care

Olay scientists have explored formulas that can help to reduce the appearance of discolourations, while addressing the anti-aging concerns of wrinkles and fine lines.

Olay recently launched Olay Definity, the latest breakthrough in anti-aging skin care. Olay Definity contains a proprietary Essential Glucosamine Complex, and penetrates skin up to 10 layers deep to help reverse the appearance of past damage coming from beneath for more visibly smooth luminous skin.

"After eight weeks of daily use, Olay Definity's precision technology is up to 78 per cent more effective at reducing the appearance of discolourations versus a basic moisturizer in a clinical study," says Amy Chan, Olay Canada Marketing.

The product line includes Olay Definity Deep Penetrating Foaming Moisturizer, Refining Lotion with UV Protection and Intense Hydrating Cream. More information is available online at olay.ca.