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Summer Skin Care

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Just as winter weather makes us pay special attention to our skin, summer with its sun and heat has its requirements too.

SPF. SPF and more SPF. I know you heard a lot about it - but talking about summer skin care, I just have to remind you again.

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However, SPF is only a small part of what you can do for your smooth complexion and healthy glow.

People with dry sensitive skin may notice that sun causes more dryness and irritation. In this case try to use herbal infusions instead of tap water when cleansing your skin. The best herbs are chamomile and sage - alone or in combination with linden blossoms. They will calm and soothe your skin. Having antibacterial properties, they will also prevent infections. If you spend a lot of time outside and feel that your skin is dry, soak cheesecloth in herbal infusion and leave it on clean face for a few minutes.

To make the infusion, you will need: