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Skin Care Tips: Twenties and Beyond

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Skin Care

(NC) - The skin care routine you relied on in your twenties may no longer suit your skin care needs in your thirties or forties. To help keep you on track, Dr. Francesco DioGuardi, M.D. and skin care expert, offers the following tips:

Skin Care - Twenties

Your fast-paced lifestyle requires your routine to be simple and effective. To make the most of your skin care routine, remember the following tips:

Rain or shine, never leave the house without sunblock. Look for SPF 15 or higher with UVA and UVB protection.

No matter how tired you are, be sure to remove all of your makeup before going to bed. Makeup can clog pores and interfere with your skin's rejuvenation process that occurs while you sleep.

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Choose an oil-free moisturizer to help prevent breakouts.

Skin Care - Thirties

Moving into your thirties, your skin needs a bit more attention. Here are some tips that will keep your skin glowing:

Along with daily sunblock, your skin may also need an extra moisture boost as it tends to get drier as we age. Consider using a richer moisturizer before applying your sunblock each morning.

To battle environmental damage and stress, use a night cream enriched with antioxidants to help encourage renewal and smooth out fine lines.

Protect the fragile skin around the eye area by using a treatment gel that helps to fight wrinkles while moisturizing this delicate area. Try Mod