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Dead Sea Salt and Skin Care Products Helping Psoriasis Sufferers

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Skin Care and Salt

Skin care and cosmetic products from The Dead Sea, such as mud, bath salt, hand creams and lotions, are clinically proven to help relieve psoriasis, eczema, acne and other skin ailments.

With more than 5% of the world's population suffering from Psoriasis, a skin disease expressed by redness and dry patches of skin, the ailment is no freak occurrence. While there is still no total cure for the disease, many of those affected with the ailment are turning to Dead Sea cosmetics made with Dead Sea Salt and minerals for a more natural based source of relief. The Dead Sea is located in Israel and Jordan and attracts thousands of tourists every year, seeking to bathe in the it's legendary waters and experience the healing and beautifying powers of it's mineral rich Dead Sea Mud and salt contents. The sea has been around for centuries and has attracted many legendary historical and biblical figures. Cleopatra was fond of the high mineral composition of natural skin care products made with minerals from The Dead Sea and built cosmetic factories on the shores of the sea to harvest the salt and mineral contents.

Several clinical studies have been done in the last thirty years that show that the highly concentrated salt content of the Dead Sea has not only beauty and anti aging properties, but also carries great skin health value. The studies showed that regularly bathing with water from The Dead Sea or using such products as hand cream, Dead Sea soap and bath salts, actually helps relieve psoriasis symptoms over a 6 week regiment.

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Many people find out about the health and beauty properties of Dead Sea products when they visit Israel, either as tourists or on a church sponsored trip that carries religious meaning. The Dead Sea scrolls, recently discovered made the The Dead Sea a household word and really popularized the age-old region. With that discovery many more people began to find out what the local people already new for centuries -- that skin care products made with the minerals from the salty lake carry magical properties. One of the main reasons why the sea has so many therapeutical abilities in its ingredients is the fact that being the lowest point on earth, it has the highest amount of barometric pressure on it. It's also not connected to any other body of water so as its salty waters evaporate the minerals and salt are left behind in much higher concentration than anywhere else in the world.

Many say that the Dead Sea is an enigma, since it has such a depressing name, but its mineral contents bring forth enhanced beauty, health and life. Since Psoriasis is an ailment which afflicts so many people: an effective all natural, psoriasis treatment option is highly welcome. Not every one can make it out to Israel for several weeks of skin treatment and because of this many people today prefer to use these products in their home. The products can be found online as well as in spas and malls across the county.

"The word has been spreading and after trying Dead Sea products many people fall in love with them," says Alex Keyan, President of Cleopatra's Choice Dead Sea Products, "We have customers all across the country and even in Europe who come back over and over again to replenish on these products. Many find that it's a natural and healthy way to get rid of wrinkles as well as treat psoriasis or acne. So far our mud masks have been the most popular.

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