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Is Air Pollution Aging Your Skin?

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Big city living may cause more wrinkles than sun damage, say the skin-care experts at StriVectin.

Urban crime ... urban taxes ... now it's urban wrinkles? "Well, if you live in the city (and it doesn't have to be a really big city), you now have one more thing to worry about: wrinkles and accelerated aging of the skin," says Kerry Pack, spokesperson for the skin-care experts at StriVectin. It turns out that nasty little free radicals ... generated from auto emissions, smoke, industrial pollutants, and all the other dirt, soot and crud that are part and parcel of everyday city life ... may have more to do with premature wrinkles than sun damage.

Don't believe it? Think about this: although most of us spend our time worrying about excess sun exposure, people who live in the city, work in an office all day and go clubbing all night don't get much sun. But they still get plenty of wrinkles. Why? In a word ... pollution.

"If you live in New York, Los Angeles, London, Miami, Chicago, Paris, Atlanta ... any big city (or small city for that matter) ... never leave home without an 'Urban Strength' Phase-2 antioxidant," says Ms. Pack. "Phase-2 antioxidants are not your ordinary wrinkle creams. Wrinkle creams, no matter how much they cost, aren't designed to protect against urban environmental damage. StriVectin's new 'Urban Strength' Phase-2 Topical AntiOxidant(TM) is the first and only topical Phase-2 antioxidant formula specifically developed to fight wrinkles caused by urban pollution. In fact, StriVectin Phase-2 Topical AntiOxidant has 250% greater free radical fighting power than idebenone, the active ingredient in Allergan's Prevage MD)."

Can Pollution Really Cause Wrinkles?

According to a recent study published in the prominent scientific journal Biogerontology, human skin is particularly sensitive to urban pollution (what scientists refer to as "environmental stress"). Major environmental factors have been shown to cause modifications of the morphological [structure] and biophysical properties of the skin.

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Atmospheric pollution has a role in increasing the accumulation rate of molecular modifications and has thus been termed a "factor of aging." What does that mean in plain English? Pollution produces free radicals, free radicals accelerate aging ... and that's why city life is particularly hard on your skin.

Can Neutralizing Urban Pollution Make Your Skin Look Younger?

You bet your skin will look younger! Not only do these new "Urban Strength" Phase-2 antioxidants neutralize wrinkle-causing free radicals, they also help undo the damage from the urban pollutants that assault your skin ... every minute of every day ... in every city, big or small.

But what are free radicals and why is it so important to "neutralize" them, especially if you live in the big city?

"Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that can severely damage skin cells ...," explains Dr. B. Grant Bishop, M.D., noted dermatologist and clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Utah. " ... initiate[ing] a destructive cascade of events that cause the denaturation of structural cellular protein, a loss of enzyme function, the depletion of natural cellular protectants, and a shift in cell-membrane-lipid oxidation that ultimately weaken the skin's immune protective system ... damaging DNA and predictably resulting in 'mutational events'... like thinning skin, loss of elasticity, age spots and, of course, wrinkles ... the classic signs of premature aging."

It All Boils Down to This

If you live in a big city, small city or any urban area, and you want younger-looking skin, there are two ways to protect your skin against pollution-related free radicals: wear a HAZMAT suit, or use an "Urban Strength" Phase-2 antioxidant every morning before you step out the door. (Remember: ordinary wrinkle creams ... no matter how much they cost ... are not designed to protect against urban environmental damage.)

So if you live in the city, don't even think about going outside without applying a Phase-2 topical antioxidant each and every morning. And remember, the only urban strength Phase-2 antioxidant currently on the market is from the skin care experts at Klein-Becker. StriVectin's Phase-2 Topical AntiOxidant is all you need to help protect your skin from every kind of urban pollution. StriVectin Phase-2 Topical AntiOxidant will keep your skin looking bright, healthy and, of course, younger no matter where you live ... big city or small. (Oh, and NEVER step on an airplane without it!)