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The New Science Of Perfect Skin

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"What's the difference between a peptide and an enzyme?" "Can creams really repair my DNA?" Hundreds of women are trying to crack the beauty secret: what ingredients and which products will give me beautiful, healthy skin?

Bio-scientist turned skin-care pioneer Daniel Yarosh, Ph.D. takes his skin care expertise -- more than 20 years of researching, manufacturing, supplying, and formulating skin-care products -- and captures it in THE NEW SCIENCE OF PERFECT SKIN: Understanding Skin-Care Myths and Miracles for Radiant Skin at Any Age (Broadway Books Hardcover Original; On Sale: May 6, 2008; Price: $23.95; Availability at bookstores nationwide.

"Despite the gains made by the newest wave of skin care advancements, there's never been more confusion and uncertainty about which products deliver results, and which are a waste of money," said Daniel Yarosh, Ph.D. "I wrote the book so consumers have a practical skin care reference guide that helps them make smart choices."

Divided into four sections, THE NEW SCIENCE OF PERFECT SKIN advises consumers on how to slow down the aging process differentiate which products work ... and which don't:

-- In Part One (The Basics) Dr. Yarosh takes us back to school with Skin Care 101;

-- Part Two (Packaging and Ingredients) provides a comprehensive overview of products labels and ingredients, so that consumers can make informed decisions when shopping for skin care cosmetics;

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-- Part Three (Cosmetic Products) highlights the latest innovations in skin care and sun care products and treatments, and physicians' treatments;

-- Part Four (Regimens and Recommendations) answers the question, "What is a good skin care regimen?"

With this book, readers will be able to:

-- Learn and understand the purpose and power of key skin care ingredients

-- Decode product labels and differentiate between products that work, and those that only offer "hype"

-- Use the latest, proven innovations -- including DNA repair -- to address common skin care issues like wrinkles, acne and even skin cancer

-- Streamline skin care routines by using "smart" products that contain multiple active ingredients