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Secrets For Celebrity Skin

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Dr. Cameron Rokhsar unveils 7 Secrets for Celebrity skin.

He worked on top Hollywood skin prior to a movie awards show in Los Angeles early this summer. He will soon appear on a segment of VH-1's "Fabulous Life Of.." series as the go-to guy for stars who want to stay young and gorgeous after 40. He's the creator of the "Head To Toe Fraxel" laser skin resurfacing phenomenon that costs his jetset clients nearly $100,000 to reverse years of sun damage over the entire body. Now Cameron Rokhsar, M.D. a NY-based but internationally renowned laser surgeon sings the praises of two of Tinseltown's most beautiful high-profile goddesses as he spreads the word about skin sun safety to "everyday people".

"I worked on some fabulous stars in Hollywood in preparation for the MTV Movie Awards and I saw some great skin. Many of the fabulous lady presenters bared a lot of healthy, glowing skin!" Rokhsar says. "I was impressed because many of these celebrities today are also California beach girls and spend a lot of time in the sun, yet they show no sun damage. Hollywood has its BAD role models but it also has its share of GOOD ones."

What are the 7 Secrets for Celebrity skin?

SPF: Pick it wisely. SPF 30 needs to be applied EVERY 2-3 hours, EVERY time you get out the water and EVERY day, regardless of season or clouds.

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SIZE: Apply sunblock LIBERALLY. A dollop the size of a golf ball is good.

SPECIFICS: Use products that contains Zinc titanium, parsol 1789, or myxoryl.

SHADE: Use hats, sunglasses, sun protective clothing and beach umbrellas as much as you can to protect the dermis.

SEX: Both men and women need to use sun protection. Sunscreen is NOT for sissies, it's for "smarties" so men need to use a good sunscreen as well as women.

SIESTA: Midday sun is the most damaging. Avoid the sun from noon-2PM if you can.

SUPPLE: Use a good after-sun moisturizer to help lubricate and soften the skin. Also, give dermis the hydration it needs from the INSIDE by hydrating with water throughout the day. Keep the cells flushed with water.