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Winter Skin Care

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Winter can be tough on skin. Cold temperatures, low humidity and dry indoor heating combine to rob the skin of moisture, leaving it dry and flaky, said Sarah Myers, M.D., dermatologist at Duke University Medical Center, who offers the following tips for winter skin care.

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Shorten baths or showers -- Long, hot baths can eventually strip the skin of lipids, or moisturizing fats. Frequent long showers or baths do not add moisture but take away protection.

Use moisturizer -- Choose soap or cleanser with oils and emollients. After bathing, pat dry, then replenish with an overall body moisturizer. Oils can also be added to bath water, which can penetrate and nourish the skin. But they can also make the tub slippery, so be especially careful getting out.

Apply toners and astringents sparingly