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New Laser Used By Prominent Farmington Plastic Surgeon To Erase Melasma

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From time immemorial, pregnant women and seniors have suffered from melasma -- hyper-pigmentation -- but a solution to the problem is here.

The spots seem to appear darker and more numerous daily. The skin, so valued, takes on a darker, unwanted complexion.

"No longer will women have to wake up in the morning and take an inventory of their skin," said Dr. Michelle Hardaway, a prominent plastic surgeon and owner of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Laser Center in Farmington Hills.

A new laser, one of the few in the Detroit area, is being used by Dr. Hardaway to erase melasma and help return the skin to its natural beauty.

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Called "Fraxel," the process not only helps remove what are commonly called "brown spots," but it also helps reduce wrinkles, acne and surgical scars and assists with skin resurfacing.

"Pregnant women suffer from darkening of the skin and Fraxel helps stop and erase that process," said Dr. Hardaway. "Seniors, and sometimes younger people, also have similar problems.

"The process is very effective and there is only a little discomfort which abates rapidly."

Good results are generally achieved with three to five treatments, said Dr. Hardaway, and these are spaced two to six weeks apart.

"The treatment leads to better skin conditions in tone and texture, reduction of wrinkles and surgical and acne scars," she said.

The treatment has been approved by the FDA.