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Updating Dry Skin Relief

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(NC) - Anyone who has walked down the skin care aisle of a pharmacy recently has probably noticed that the shelves are packed with products ranging from lubricating to age-defying, unscented to perfumed, petroleum-based to enzyme-enhanced, and for the entire body right down to the most specific body part. Are all these products really effective, or even necessary?

The fact is, keeping your skin protected and hydrated with moisturizers not only improves your appearance, but actually contributes to the health of your skin. With our harsh climate, an increasing number of Canadians suffer from skin conditions, whether the discomfort of dry, and in many cases irritated skin, or more severe conditions such as eczema, which can lead to painful redness, cracking and itching. Regular use of an effective moisturizer can treat and even prevent many of these symptoms.

Finding your ideal moisturizer can be a challenge

But which moisturizer is best for you? The sheer number of products can be both inspiring and overwhelming - with so much choice, something is bound to work for your dry skin, but where should you start? True, those with simple skin care needs can find some relief from almost any lubricant. But for those with sensitive skin or more severe skin conditions, some products will not only do little to help, they may actually add to the problem.

People suffering from very dry skin often get caught up in a frustrating, recurring cycle of itchy skin and painful scratching. Not to mention the search for an effective cream or lotion. As one dry skin sufferer put it recently in a letter thanking the manufacturers of IMPRUV Cream, a new generation moisturizer: "My medicine cabinet is filled with expensive creams, lotions and potions - all promising to relieve dry skin of the face, yet none worked for me."

Treating stubborn dry skin conditions can be a struggle because they are unique to every person. Knowing what things trigger your dry skin, like the drier air in fall and winter or irritants like wool sweaters and scarves, can be a great help. But perhaps the most important part of controlling any skin condition is maintaining a good skin care regimen year round, which is what new generation moisturizers can help you do.

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Consider a new generation moisturizer

Unlike so many products that simply ease the symptoms of dry skin over the short term, a cream like IMPRUV is designed to help regenerate the skin's damaged protective barrier over the long term. This is key to keeping damaged, dry skin from becoming chronic.

The real breakthrough in new generation moisturizers lies in their unique formulations. In the case of IMPRUV, the cream is designed to closely resemble the layered moisture barrier structure of the skin and contains plant-based lipids similar to those found in your skin. Studies have shown that the regular use of this kind of moisturizer helps replenish the lost lipid content of the skin and helps restructure the damaged protective barrier, resulting in better moisture retention.

It helps that creams like IMPRUV are also designed without classic skin irritants such as dyes and perfumes, and are often hypoallergenic, non-sensitizing and non-stinging. As one satisfied customer wrote, using IMPRUV cream for just one month can help you look and feel "dewy and hydrated - not parched and patchy."

If you have a nagging dry skin problem, it would be a good idea to ask your doctor or pharmacist to recommend a new generation moisturizer, and see if it works for you. Your next trip to the skin care aisle might finally mean long-lasting relief.


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