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New sunscreen pictogrammes to inform consumers on dangers of sun exposure

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Sunscreen Labels

EU Commission action provides citizens with better protection from the sun by requiring better labels on sunscreens.

Consumers will benefit from a new, clearer labeling regime on sunscreen bottles which is being phased in this summer. The new labels, which include a new UV-A seal appearing on bottles, as well as a ban on misleading terms such as 'sunblocker' and 'total protection', are the response to the Commission recommendation on sunscreen products adopted in September 2006.

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Through an information campaign in partnership with Member States, the Commission is also seeking to raise awareness on the importance of preventive behavior against sun damage.

Applying sunscreen is not the only factor to keep in mind but rather is part of a set of measures consumers should bare in mind to prevent sun damage. The improved labeling regime phased in will appear on 20% of sunscreen products this summer.

The sunscreen labeling will introduce verbal descriptors ('low'-'medium'-'high' and 'very high' protection) which should be used alongside traditional sun protection factor indicators (SPF) to provide guidance.