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You Asked: What Are The Best Ingredients for Skin Care

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(NC) - Moisturizing products help immensely to keep our skin soft and healthy-looking, but with so many choices and formulations, selecting the right one for the best results can be quite confusing. Here the most frequently asked questions on this subject, answered by the chemists at Natural Earth, the Canadian made line of fragrance-free hand and body skincare products. Natural Earth is formulated with nature-based ingredients to moisturize, tone and keep the skin looking younger.

Q: Why is Vitamin A important?

A: Vitamin A promotes a youthful smooth appearance by increasing cell turnover and improving skin enzymatic activity to regulate, or normalize the build up of surface dead skin cells. For the best results, choose fragrance-free, fast-absorbing products.

Q: What does oatmeal do?

A: In various applications Oat (avena sativa) is known to benefit distressed skin. Very small particles of oat bind water and provide emolliency to moisturize and soothe irritations and are especially effective on skin when partnered with menthol extract.

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Q: For hands, glycerin retains moisture but what about chamomile?

A: Chamomile offers natural anti-inflammatory, as well as water-holding and emollient properties. Consider silicone too. A silicone ingredient provides a variety of appearance aiding and moisturizing attributes. When used in skin products they are touted for exceptional skin elegance.

More information is available online at www.naturalearth.ca


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