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Public Reminded Not To Use Unsafe Cosmetic Cream

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Hong Kong Department Of Health

Cosmetic Cream

Hong Kong Department of Health called on members of the public who have bought a brand of cosmetic cream labelled "EMEL SKIN CARE CO." to contact the DH hotline 2768 9798 for health advice.

The product EMEL SKIN CARE CO. No. 8 has been found to contain a high level of mercury and members of the public should stop using it at once.

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The hotline will operate from 9am to 5pm daily starting from tomorrow.

The appeal followed a report of suspected mercury poisoning involving a 43-year-old woman who consulted a private doctor about a month ago for dermatitis around her mouth and numbness over left side of her body. She was found to have high level of mercury in her blood. The woman was in stable condition and no hospitalization was required.

The woman claimed that she had used the product EMEL SKIN CARE CO. No. 3, 4, 7 and 8 in the past six months. Only EMEL SKIN CARE CO. No. 8 was left as the others have been used up by her. She said the product was obtained from a promotion counter in the shopping centre of Lei Muk Shue Estate.

Chemical analysis of EMEL SKIN CARE CO. No. 8 by the Toxicology Reference Laboratory of the Hospital Authority revealed that the mercury content of the product exceeded the maximum permitted concentration of mercury for cosmetics.

A DH spokesman said mercury poisoning is an illness that is caused by overdose of mercury in the body. Mercury causes damage mainly to the nervous systems and kidney. Symptoms may include tremor, irritability, insomnia, memory deterioration, difficulty with concentrating, impaired hearing and vision or change in taste. In most severe cases, renal failure may occur.

"Members of the public who have been using the cosmetic cream concerned should stop using it immediately and seek advice from their doctors as soon as possible," he added.