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Euoko Incorporates Red Algae In Luxury Skin Care Range

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Euoko Inc has incorporated a specific strain of red marine algae in a proprietary absorption base that will further enhance the activity of its clinically-studied skin treatments.

Euoko employs unusually high concentrations of scientifically-proven active ingredients in all of its product line and a key focus of the company has been maximum exposure of the skin's below-surface layers to these ingredients. This updated absorption base is the result of more than one year of research with the aim of improving the penetration of active ingredients into the skin.

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"Euoko's dedication to using the highest concentrations of a wide array of active components demands a performing delivery system that can take maximum advantage of the scientifically-demonstrated benefits this unique active portfolio offers," said Brandon Truaxe, President and CEO. "This advance supports our continual commitment to developing innovative, effective treatments that exceed the expectations of the most demanding clientele and we are pleased to incorporate this base into all existing and new formulations."

The specific strain of red algae, Porphyra sp., causes a controlled immune response by the body, which in turn increases blood circulation in the areas of application. This increased circulation optimizes the absorption of the active ingredients in each product. Combined with Euoko's existing time- release dosing system that is a key part of its delivery mechanism, this approach further enhances product performance and reduces treatment times.

"This unique approach to improving product delivery is a prime example of how advances in biotechnology are creating new possibilities in the field of skin care," said Dr. Adel Rammal, Director of Scientific Affairs. "This innovation pushes the accepted boundaries of product performance and I am excited to be a part of Euoko's ongoing effort to develop solutions that surpass the accepted realms of skin care science."