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How to Stop Baldness and Regrow Hair

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In October, 1994, I was invited by the University of Munich to go to Germany to investigate studies done there by eight universities, including the universities of Darmstadt, Munich, Frankfurt, Heidelberg and Vienna. Nine physicians, professors at the universities, who were oncologists, dermatologists, gynecologists and general internists, participated in the production of a thymus gland extract called Thymu-Skin, a product they developed primarily for cancer patients who were subjected to chemotherapy. These physicians performed placebo controlled, double-blind studies on the effects of this product on hair loss to cancer patients. When the product was rubbed on the person's scalp before he took a chemotherapeutic agent, there was no hair fall out, no hair loss at all. The German FDA has declared the product to be preventative for hair fall out for chemotherapy patients. However, it was soon discovered by the research physicians, who themselves were bald and tried the product to see what would happen, that it regrew hair. And so it was declared as a treatment for the regrowth of hair for men with alopecia areata, or male pattern baldness, and for females who have female pattern baldness. It works for men 67% of the time, and for females 99 or 100% of the time. It it effective for those people who still have live hair follicles.

My book How to Stop Baldness and Regrow Hair tells the whole story of the investigation, the studies, and the names and addresses of the doctors who participated, so that you can verify that this is a medically sanctioned product which regrows hair if your hair follicles are alive but dormant. There is no way to tell whether they are dormant or if they are dead. You have to try the product, massage it in for the first month every day, and thereafter every other day. After two months you see hair growing out of your scalp that is new strong real hair. After four months you see good bushy hair, and if you don't, stop using the product and you have just lost a small investment. Although the investment is not so small because a 3 1/2 oz. quantity costs $65 for shampoo and $95 for the lotion. But it gives you a two month supply. Some people in the study grew hair back totally within six months. Others, nine months, others eighteen months. The product works exceedingly well within an 18 month period, and then you can taper it off and stop using it. When you use other products which claim to grow hair, the new hair falls out when you stop using the products. You will find it in your sink or on your pillow. When you use Thymu-Skin, the hair remains permanent and continues to regrow because the hair follicle has been stimulated to keep growing hair on a continuous basis.

MY PERSONAL TRIAL OF THE PRODUCT I know what you are going to say. Who is bald? I am, but I was balder. I have been balding since the age of 28, and I am now 66. Over the 34 years that I have been losing my hair, most of my hair follicles died and remain dead, but those that were dormant or damaged, they have been awakened. As a result of their awakening, I do have some hair strands growing from the top of my head. I used the two products, a shampoo and a revitalizer for a period of about 13 months and I am growing hair. It works, but it works even better for women. My daughter-in-law who is getting very thin on top has hair growing like crazy, bushy hair that is glistening and healthy. She is so pleased. I have three sons, and my sons were growing bald; one is 31, one is 40, and one is 44. The 44 year-old is a plastic surgeon, and he has been using it for nine months and he is growing hair. He is recommending the product for his patients. It is an over the counter cosmetic product which doesn't require a prescription. The product was originally available only through the universities, but now it is available in North America. There is a distributor in the States, and it is available in Canada through Consumer Health Organization.

THYMU-SKIN The product, Thymu-skin, is a thymus gland extract made with herbs and the thymus gland of a calf. That is a food substance. All of us have a thymus gland. It is an endocrine gland at the base of your neck, and it produces thymosin. In children, the gland is about the size of a walnut, but as we grow older, the thymus gland shrinks, and that is why people get cancer and infectious diseases. The thymus gland is the immune gland of the body because it produces T-cells (meaning thymus cells) for the blood. When the thymus shrinks, the production of T-cells is diminished. At the age of 66, the thymus is about the size of my pinky nail. That thymus could use a little boost to produce more thymosin.

BALDNESS IS AN AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASE Baldness is connected to an auto-immune disease. This may be the first time you have heard that. These physicians in Germany discovered that baldness is not just a result of excessive testosterone and hormonal problems in the body. Baldness is actually a disease that results from the body attacking itself. The body actually sees the hair follicles as something growing too fast, and sees this as excessive growth, as something pathological. So it sends its white blood cells, leukocytes, to attack the hair follicles which it considers a foreign invader, and that is why the hair follicles die. The hair follicles are so damaged by the attack of the leukocytes that the hair follicle will let go of its strand and hair falls out. Normally we lose about 80 strands a day. When our hair follicles are damaged, we lose a lot more than 80 hairs, and more fall out than grow in, so eventually you become bald.

THYMUS EXTRACT BOOSTS YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM This product builds the immune system. The product goes through the blood stream. You put it on your scalp, but it goes through the tiny blood vessels in your scalp and travels through your body. At the same time that you are massaging the lotion on your head, you are boosting your immune system. You are building your T-cells, and this can act as a preventative for cancer or help prevent metastases in cancer. Not only cancer, but other degenerative diseases respond to the boosting of the immune system that this thymus gland extract promotes. Thymus extract also acts as a chelating agent to pull toxic metals out of the blood and allows them to leave the body through evacuation and urination.

ENDOCRINE DYSFUNCTION Men also lose their hair as a result of excess testosterone. When a man is very virile, he has a lot of testosterone, and the testosterone combines with an enzyme in his body and it converts to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which causes his hair to fall out. The thymus extract causes this DHT to diminish somewhat and it acts as a coating for the hair follicles, so the hair follicles don't respond to the DHT and the hair will no longer fall out.


A person may have an allergy and the body's immune system will attack the allergen and sometimes it looks at the hair follicle as an allergen and it is damaged and the hair strand falls out.

Another cause of baldness is abuse of street drugs like cocaine and many others which do cause hair loss.

Side effects of prescription drugs, especially high blood pressure medication will tend to cause baldness because hair follicles are attacked by the prescription drugs. Even aspirin can cause hair fall out, because the body responds adversely to any toxic type of agent.

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Nutritional deficiencies, in particular a lack of zinc or iron in your diet may cause hair loss.

Toxic metals or heavy metal poisoning is definitely a cause of hair loss.

Pesticides and herbicides can cause hair loss.

When you sit in front of video display terminals, you are bombarded with radiation and free radical pathology which may contribute to hair loss, because hair fall out occurs as a result of radiation exposure. In fact if you use a microwave oven you are exposed to radiation.

Fungal infections, hair dyes, cancerous moles, hypothyroid disease, genetic tendencies, aging, anti-cancer treatment, skin disorders, alcoholic beverages, and even a reaction to traction from hair braiding are all reasons for hair to fall out.

ALOPECIA UNIVERSALIS This means total hair loss - the whole body loses hair: under the arms, eyebrows, eyelashes, pubic region, legs, arms, just everywhere. When the thymus extract is put on the scalp, it regrows hair wherever hair is supposed to be growing on the body. It works exceedingly well for this problem in particular.

OTHER THYMUS SUPPLEMENTS There are all kinds of thymus products. Some of these are called glandulars. There are some called cell therapy which is given by injection. There is a sublingual thymus extract tablet used to reverse cancer. There is a thymus gland extract combined with shark cartilage. You can take thymus extract as injections, sublinguals, orals and now as a topical that you massage into your scalp.

DOSAGE You cannot take too much. The problem for all of us is that we have an insufficient quantity. You could use a whole bottle a day, which I wouldn't advise because it is expensive, but you need only a few drops especially if you have sparse hair. For somebody with more hair, you would need more because the liquid gets caught in the hair strands. One of the bottles should last two months.

Question: Will this product darken the hair? Answer: You can darken the hair naturally. Abraham Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D., a famous Canadian physician who deserves a Nobel prize for finding a nutritional treatment for schizophrenia, advises the use of B vitamins in large quantities to help darken the hair, especially niacin (vitamin B3).


Dr. Morton Walker is a former doctor of podiatric medicine, and has long been recognized as the world's most outstanding medical journalist specializing in holistic medicine. He is the author of 64 published books and more than 1600 published magazine, newspaper and clinical journal articles. He is the winner of 23 medical journalism awards and medals. He received the 1992 Humanitarian Award from the American Cancer Control Society, the 1981 Orthomolecular Award from the American Institute of Preventive Medicine for outstanding achievement in orthomolecular education, and two prestigious Jesse Neal Editorial Achievement Awards from the American Business Press. His books include Smart Nutrients, The Yeast Syndrome, The Healing Powers of Chelation Therapy, Orthomolecular Nutrition, Toxic Metal Syndrome, Pain, Pain Go Away and How to Stop Baldness and Regrow Hair.



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We do not give medical advice. Please see your doctor.
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