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Have Scientists Accidentally Discovered the Answer to Hair Loss?

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Hair Loss

Research scientists at the University of San Francisco Wound Center may have stumbled onto the answer to hair loss: something that has frustrated mankind for centuries. Their discovery was made while applying a synthetically formulated compound, Copper Peptide, to severe wound areas on several patients. During this process something unusual happened. Not only did the wounds heal about 30 percent faster, but a significant stimulation of the follicular cells occurred. As a side effect, these tripeptide complexes actually grew hair around the wound area.

The discovery was so startling that they then applied the same Copper Peptide complex to a female patient who had suffered roughly 90 percent alopecia (hair loss) for years. After about six months of use, she had recovered almost 100 percent of her hair. Dr. Loren Pickart, the leading authority in Copper Peptide technology, describes it as being like a protein injection to the scalp.

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Tests were then conducted with chemotherapy patients and recent hair transplant recipients, all with great success in stimulating newer and stronger hair follicles. The implications of such a startling discovery have gotten the attention of several large companies. Neutrogena, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, and Dow Chemical are just a few of the big companies that Dr. Pickart has turned down as potential partners.

The discovery could have major implications in the somewhat shady area of the hair growth industry. There are many products that promise amazing results for hair loss, but they usually fail to deliver. Most have some sort of DHT inhibitor with traces of Minoxidil so they can claim Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. The only licensed company that has been authorized by Dr. Pickart to manufacture for the public is Everest R & D Labs, located in California's Simi Valley.

Incredible advancements in the manufacturing process of Copper Peptide technology are bringing even better results in hair re-growth than the original tests. Some people providing the company with feedback are offering amazing stories, with positive side effects that include the reduction of acne and psoriasis. There have been many reports from both men and women. Reports from women include statements that their graying hair is regaining some of its original pigmentation.

This product has been integrated into a therapeutic shampoo and conditioner called Follipro. As more and more corroborating evidence from research universities around the country become available, the possibilities for this new technology could be far-reaching.