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Hair Loss Remedy and Treatment

Hair Loss: Trump or Willis Style. Which is for You?

Coping with Hair Loss

For the most part, hair loss is a natural medical condition caused by aging and genetics and affects 2 out every 3 men by the time they reach 35. But if it happens to you, how will you cope with it? Here’s the latest on hair loss that you need to know that may help you decide to whether be more like Donald Trump or more like Bruce Willis. And, the biggest myth about Finasteride.

Common Eyedrops Causes Human Hair to Regrow Promising Baldness Cure, Study Shows

eyedrop image

For people who are faced with unwanted hair loss (alopecia) such as in cases of male pattern baldness, researchers have recently reported their findings that the glaucoma drug “Bimatoprost” can actually cause human hair to regrow as demonstrated in both mouse and human scalp skin cells.