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Where Do Dreams Come From and Why?

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Dreams come from your soul and are intended to help you progress along your life path. In sleep the focus of the physical world and the body is on hold and during this period your soul has a perfect opportunity to dialogue with your conscious mind... or so it would appear. The problem here is that the subconscious never sleeps.

Think of the subconscious like a faithful dog always on guard to protect its master. Your soul asks the conscious mind to make a change to some aspect of functioning in order to avoid a particular undesirable outcome. Let's take a very common example. Say your soul wants you to be less analytical / rational in your approach to life and to incorporate intuition / feelings into the decision making process. It dispatches a dream for this purpose. Ideally the dream is received and your conscious mind accepts the direction of your soul and begins a program to change in this direction. The more likely outcome, however, is that your subconscious mind asserts itself in the dream and provides all sorts of reasons why this change should be avoided. Due to this, the message / request in the dream is effectively spoiled.

Why does this happen? What gain does the subconscious make from this? The simple answer is that there is no gain but the subconscious still retains control in the area which was being addressed. The subconscious mind is being helpful as far as it is concerned and sees the reasons it provides for avoiding the change as valid. Drawing on your personal experience as evidence it will tell you "When you are open to your feelings you are open to being hurt, rejected and ignored. You'll end up sad and depressed." In this way it appears to protect you from reliving pain from the past.

The price for this protection is very high. Life is about increasing your awareness. Awareness is gained directly through eliminating the control the subconscious mind has in areas of your life. Awareness cannot be transferred intellectually. You cannot read something and become aware. However, you can read and then be more prepared to accept opportunities to eliminate subconscious control when they present themselves.

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A very simple example from my life is how closed minded I was to any ideas outside the sphere of science. I immediately classed as idiot anyone who spoke of things beyond the physical. I was so sure of my conviction that I was unaware that my subconscious mind was in control - 'protecting me'. As long as I continued with that attitude I learned nothing. I was very fortunate to have been put in a position where I faced my fears head on. At the time I did not welcome it and in fact feared for my life. I didn't want to see spirit people walking around but there they were! I was so fearful of the very thing that I had proclaimed did not exist. Through my experiences I learned much about spirits and how my fear of them had no basis in fact. From spirits I have learned much about what I am - what we are. From childhood I always had a fear of the dark and slept with some light on in the room - even though I didn't believe anything was in the room with me. Ironically, since seeing spirits I now sleep with the light off and am comforted by the fact that they are there. The experience helped me to open my mind.

Most of us allow our subconscious free reign in many areas of our lives. Life shows us where these areas lie and helps us weed out that control. Our dreams support this endeavor by showing the causes and effects of our subconscious conditioning. Typically dreams show what event first caused us to act in a particular way. Then they show how we still re-act today due to the ongoing effects of that event. Lastly they show us how to change for the better. Dreams often bring us back to childhood as the time of our conditioning. As children we take on board everything about our parents. We see them as infallible and wanting to be so much like them we adopt their ways of behaving - both good and bad. At appropriate times in our lives our dreams select a negative aspect of our conditioning and ask us to eliminate it - thus reducing the control of the subconscious and increasing our awareness. In this way we are helped to achieve our life purpose.


Michael Sheridan is the author of many published works about dreams and their interpretation. He runs Spiritual Awareness Center in Dublin.

This page is updated on May 11, 2013.



i loved how the they put out on the table and i hope don,t have more bad dreams but i know there always there
this is our thinking nothing is bad in this word whatever we think we dream and this is simple concept.
subconcious is karma at best. when we arrive at a crucious point in our life. something that is a signal for something to start. karma is the result of the actions of your past. conciousness is the remainder of your past life. the superconcious is your intuition which seeks to provide you direction and the subconcious is your past self fearing, always for the worst.
everything has to do with chemcals and science what is the name of the chemical in your brain that causes you to dream isn't it a chemical that makes you dream
I know I'm asleep but my dreams feel so real. Sometimes i wake up and didn't even remember i went to sleep. Does that mean that my subconsciousness is taking over? I even had cases of dreams that happened in real life the next day. Is that some sign of foreseeing , just coincidence , or something from my past life?! Sincerely, Confused?
If you had a dream and the next day it came true. That means your operating in the prophetic. The Bible say in the last days some will have visions and some will dream dream. I don't no what your belief and I'm sorry if I offended you.
Owltree to Real 1.....We see far more during the day than we consciously remember, our subconscious mind clearly remembers all these things and begins to evaluate them immediately and during our bedtime. Each forgotten detail passes before the mind's eye, to be kept as useful or to be discarded as trivial, hence much of the nightly dream activity. The near future can become mysteriously apparant to us by the process of the subconscious mind joining up all these little facts in various ways until, Bingo! it realizes that the boss will be sick by the weeekend, which is what does happen. Sensitive people have this natural ability to predict the future, and of course they can be open to activity going on in the realm of the spirit as well. A life that is well cleared of unnecessary negative imagery, trusts in the goodness of God, and seeks to sleep rather than pursue the exciting imagery of the dreams, gets exercise in the fresh air, and doesn't drink coffee after six pm. is likely only to get useful or healing dreams at night.
I know I'm asleep but my dreams feel so real. Sometimes i wake up and didn't even remember i went to sleep. Does that mean that my subconsciousness is taking over? I even had cases of dreams that happened in real life the next day. Is that some sign of foreseeing , just coincidence , or something from my past life?! Sincerely, Confused?
i hate bad dreams so much every night i thin in my mind: i wanna good dream about 20 times. it works! it really does!!!!
when i was younger i dreamed that their were 2 of my dads and one was evil he captured my family and tryed to kill them i saved them with my good dad and then i woke up (it was a nightmare)
I often have nightmares that seem very real. When I wake I'm scared or effected strongly. I'd like to know more on how to control my dreams...They're out of control...PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!
dreams like that can be caused becuz of maybe were u are sleeping u shud try changeing it up but dnt jus change to the couch lol sleep somewere ur comfertable sleeping somewere u sleep nice and cozy alot of the the nitemares cud be becuz of pain.
go google sleep paralysis...it seems like ur sufring from tht gudluck
A dream comes often in my life. Today I dreamt about Lord Shiva (indian god). I just saw lingam from the sky. Someone is pours water on it. Really was realistic. You know what that day was full moon day.
dream is type of massage some time.but some times it that what u want.if you want to do anything with heart and soul you will see in your dream
Um Hi, Ever since I was 4 years old I've always had these dreams n they would come true, but once every month i will get this certain dream which will last 7 seconds because it freaks me out totally... I'm in this black vehicle n theirs a field theirs a cement semi infront of me n my brakes on the vehicle stop working so I crashed into the back of the semi n my mind went pitch black n I woke up quick scared n freaked out... But I don't know what happens to me. Anyway All Of My DREAMS COME TRUE!!! I don't want this dream to come true so please help me understand what it means. Sincerely 15, Scared And Wondering
same happens to me. not the same dream though.
I think U r dream is due to some thing you might have done or read. That has left impressions iin the mind , now instead of such thing happen to you ,it has gone away as a dream. Now you relaxe and be happy.
do your dreams come true because i had a dream about me getting a girl husky puppy and ive been wanting forever and thats the first time i dreamed about it my mom said no before i had that dream so does it mean that it will come true? please help?
do your dreams come true because i had a dream about me getting a girl husky puppy and ive been wanting forever and thats the first time i dreamed about it my mom said no before i had that dream so does it mean that it will come true? please help?
ive had dreams of bad things that were going to happen and actually did soon after, but lately ive been dreaming of my husband cheating or has in the past and not told me, this worries me how do i know if its just worries or another nightmare come true?
You know I have those type of dreams as well. I don't like it at all and by me having these types of myself so can someone tell us exactly what it means? Please
i think dreaming is very interesting && that whoever dreams it is just a way that our mind works to get rid of everything that we have done or seen in that day. It is one of the collest things that our mind does.
from subconscious mind.
Guys, for last so many days some strange things happening with me....it is very difficult to put it in words as I see things in my dreams...in real I have never visited those places or never seen certain things like what is embossed or written on items like cigarette lighters, on sign boards, on note books or on other things. Whatever I see in my dreams I remember it exactly for a very long duration (5-6years). And when I get up from my dreams and search things that I have seen in my dreams those things I find real. if you guys have any idea, you can tell me.....
maybe you get up during your dream and write on those items...
Your very sensitive in the spirit world. Your soul travels. And i Strongly believe that what you do in your soul is the most tangible, realness anyone can come into experience with. In other words what you do in your spirit and or soul is the only ting that matters in life.
Dreams are the outcome of our suppressed Desires or aspirations . Hard work and yoga nidra helps to prepare us to face the reality. Spiritual life is the answer for all the Problems.
My grand da told me about a dream he had a whe back and it still Buggs me, yes I'm a physical believer but I'm open to opinions on what I'm about to tell, he told me he didn't have a dream but more of a vision. He was in his room praying and after he had fell asleep he heard a screeching sound and whispering voices. As he went outside to check it out he was men lined up. Dark colored kinda tan with tribal looking things all over them. He aske the lead man why they were there. No one answered. He walked closer an asked who sent them. Still no answer. He finaly asked who are you here for? The man pointed over pawpaws shoulder and a he turned he saw me. He asked the man why shelby? The man just looked into the sky and as he stated an undescribable demonic thing reached out of the sky and grabbed me by my hair and started pulling me towards a hole in the ground. Pawpaw yelled for me to fight. Get out while you are near me please! He cried. But I just went with it like I was swimming backwards towards it. Can anyone really make sence of this for me?
Well anything i have to say isnt meant to offend you but help you so please openly try and understand it......Yes, this are pedophiles, lusting after you wanting to take you away from safety so they can use and abuse you, and then take you to hell. In other words they are sent by evils spirits. E.g (Jealous people of you, and/or your family) and they are wishing hatred on you. You can project these attacks by Jesus Christ. By simply asking him in pray for protection , and to seal the blood of Jesus over you to sanctify you and your grandpa. It is not like you did anything bad but usually bad spirits are always monitoring people in general and once they sense improve in their lifestyles and or habits they want to attack, and prevent you from improving yourself the way god wants you too be.