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Dreams and your Health: The Digestive and Elimination System

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Dreams and Health

How can I make an article about the digestive and elimination system interest you? When it comes to health dreams people tend not to be interested unless they already know they have a problem. It reminds me of a story I heard about a newspaper in America that offered a reward for people who phoned in with news stories. The editor received a call from someone saying that a truck had lost its brakes on a hill and after picking up great speed crashed into and demolished a house. "I'm not interested," he said, "that sort of thing happens all the time. It's not news." "You'll be more interested", said the caller, "when I tell you that it was your house."

Symbols For The Digestive System

In dreams the locations most commonly used to indicate the digestive system as the subject matter are the kitchen, dining room and restaurants. The bathroom, toilet and back garden are most commonly used to indicate the elimination system. Other symbols which indicate the digestive system are a hob cooker, fridge, kitchen table and shopping trolley. A more complete list is found in my tutorial here.

Once the subject matter of the digestive system is established the dream will reveal more detail. For example, if you or anyone in the dream is boiling milk in the kitchen it means that you have an intolerance to milk and dairy products. In fact it is fair to say that it is not so much the food that you eat that causes you problems but the food you can't excrete. A person with a healthy digestive system will have a bowel movement at least once per day. This natural bodily function means that foods that cannot be broken down are eliminated before any harmful toxins can build up in them.

Food Allergies

Dairy products are probably the most common foods to which people develop allergies. There are several reasons for this. Problems with mother can contribute here, when as infants we not only take our first meal from mother but we also take in everything she feels about us. If we feel mother rejects us in any way we can subconsciously set up the belief that anything from mother is harmful to us. The association with milk is then obvious.

Holding onto things from the past emotionally also programs our body to do the same. A result often is our body holding onto waste matter that is no longer needed. On a physical level, regardless of what has slowed down our digestive system, dairy products are likely to cause us trouble. Suppose your digestive system has slowed down to where you have a bowel movement twice per week. If you drink a glass of milk on Monday morning it is still in your digestive system on Thursday evening. Would you drink a glass of milk that has been sitting on the kitchen table for a whole day in the summer? What would that milk be like after three and a half days? That's what is in your body! And your body is much hotter than the average summer day. A slow moving colon allows toxins build up on these and other susceptible foods. The toxins pass into the blood stream which must then be cleansed by the lymphatic system. Problems with cleansing are shown as dirty water-logged grass or bog land.

A condition which is easy to recognize in dreams is candida albicans. This is a fungus that can grow on waste matter in the colon. In dreams it is symbolized as soggy newspaper in the back garden, mould on the kitchen floor or walls or moldy hay in a barn. Dreams with these symbols also show what foods contribute to the condition.

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It is safe to say that, with rare exception, any food which is depicted in a dream is a food that the body cannot deal with. In cases where a particular ingredient is the culprit you will dream of it. A person with an allergy to wheat can dream of the sun shining beautifully on a field of wheat that is ready to be harvested. Whether the wheat is shown like this or in a poor state it still means that the dreamer is being asked to change their diet.

Two exceptions worth mentioning are a) when a person is dieting too much they can dream of a food banquet and b) dreams which show a line of people queuing for an orange drink. This second one is a healing device used in dreams as the color orange, the color of the sacral chakra, is healing for the digestive system.

The Colon

The colon is a very sensitive organ. After hearing shocking news we can feel our stomach knot up. It is in fact the colon that is knotting. These kinks and knots then restrict the flow of matter along the colon. Dr. Harvey Kellog M.D. of Battle Creek, Michigan said that of the 22,000 operations personally performed by him he didn't encounter a single normal colon and of the 100,000 performed under his jurisdiction only six percent were normal. Waste matter can cling to the walls of an unhealthy slow moving colon and become cemented there, further restricting the flow. This is shown in dreams as slow moving animals or snails on a cement path in the back garden. This cemented matter can remain in the colon for upwards of twenty years! Dreams often attribute blockages to particular foods. These are usually shown in dreams in a negative light and are often shown to be clogging a toilet preventing it from flushing. In the latter case the foods are usually shown in their containers to indicate that the body cannot break down the food. When the lining of the stomach or intestines is affected dreams show it as wallpaper or plaster falling off the walls in the kitchen or bathroom.

As infants our digestive system has not fully formed and we rely on our mother's milk to nourish us. After six months or so, acid is produced in our stomach and this allows us move onto eating solid foods. The acid also protects us against bacterial infection and the level of hygiene required is subsequently reduced. At this stage something very important has already happened. In the first few months we also ingest bacteria in our mother's milk that is vital to the proper functioning of our developing digestive system. The bacteria passes safely through the stomach, because there is no acid there yet, and accumulates in the large intestine where a slightly acidic condition develops. The bacteria is commonly called acidophilus due to the fact that it requires mildly acidic conditions to live. Acidophilus is essential to keep the colon in healthy working order. It prevents the spread of toxins from the colon into the small intestine and coats the large intestine, helping the flow of matter.

If you have ever taken a course of penicillin you have waged war on this natural flora. Penicillin fights off harmful bacterial infections but it does not discriminate between harmful bacteria and the helpful bacteria that reside there. In the western world this is probably the single most contributing cause of harm to the colon. Colonic irrigation without subsequently restoring the acidophilus is also harmful.


Cancer of the colon is shown as mutated and usually slow moving animals. Often they are shown in a dead forest or forest in fall. Snakes or worms under the cooker in the kitchen or rust eating into a kitchen appliance indicate the same thing. Crows or rats eating into the back door of the house indicate cancer of the rectum (the back door of the body). In these cases it is very important to determine the food being linked to the appearance of the cancer. Quite often the combination of two foods is far worse than the effect of either food on its own. To determine which foods need to be cut out or cut down, eliminate the food for a week or so and then reintroduce it to your diet. If you begin dreaming about it in the next few days you need to cut it out again. Also try the food when purchased from different locations as you may find only particular places trigger the dreams. I personally had to give up red meat for over two years before my digestive system had healed enough to process it again. This does not mean that red meat is bad for everyone. We are all different and there are many factors that contribute to you becoming unable to process a particular food.

Where the main problem is a slow moving colon I have often seen dreams take place in the drive through of McDonalds or Burger King. Both of these locations are positive in dreams because they symbolize fast food. Faster food is the symbolic antidote to the slow moving food in the dreamer's body.

Interpreting Colors

In dreams yellow and orange are both healing colors for the digestive system. Yellow also stimulates the intellect so can be about digesting a new idea. An unhealthy color combination for the colon is black and white. This indicates the dreamer has difficulty letting go of the past and affects the colon as described earlier. Seeing things as black and white leaves little room for argument or acceptance of new ideas. Often this color combination is shown as black and white tiles on the bathroom or kitchen floor. This indicates the dreamers standpoint is rigidly black and white. References to white on its own in dreams about the digestive system points to milk and mother as contributors to the problem.

How Emotions Affect The Digestive System

Anger is the emotion I see time and again as a significant cause of digestive system problems. When you sit to eat a meal you charge the food with how you are feeling. If you are feeling angry you are pouring all that negative energy into the food you are about to put into your body. This is programming the food to cause harm. To reverse this trend put yourself into a positive frame of mind before eating your meals. This charges the food with positive energy and programs it to heal the body. A person who says grace before a meals is, in effect, doing this. Dreams will always show the foundation on which anger is built. This is done so that you can let it go. Our digestive systems are affected by our male energy and for this reason problems are often linked to problems with dad. Healing any rift by letting go of it also heals the digestive system.

When To Be Concerned

Don't worry if you have the odd dream about cancer as we all develop cancers all the time. A healthy body fights off the mutation successfully. Killing snakes, mutated animals, rats, crows, termites or curing rust in dreams all show that the body is successfully fighting off the disease. Another important point to remember is that dreams warn about conditions before they manifest physically. This gives plenty of time to do something to prevent the illness from taking hold in the first place. By the time a doctor diagnoses cancer the person will already have had thousands of dreams telling them what to do to prevent the condition. Cancer is a symptom of a disease in the body. Removing the cancer, while sometimes successful, only removes the symptom and leaves the disease behind. View it like the oil warning light in your car. When the light comes on what do you do? You could stop the car, rip open the dashboard and remove the light, or you could replace the oil in the engine. When a warning light comes on in your body what would you rather do? Treat the cause of the symptom so that the warning light stops flashing. Dreams flash the warning light but also show the cause and the solution. Dreams set out to heal by bringing a problem into the light so that something can be done to correct it. The choice is yours to listen to or ignore their advice.


Michael Sheridan is the author of many published works about dreams and their interpretation.