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An Introduction to Dream Interpretation

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Dreams Interpretation

Last night, as you slept, you entered the world of dreams. This world is sometimes magical, at other times horrifying, yet each night you return there probably four or five times. Each of us does this and we cannot stop ourselves from crossing the threshold into this world. Why? Is there a purpose to your dreams? Of the more than 2,000 dreams you will have this year are any of them meaningful? The answer is yes, all of them, and learning to interpret them will help you change your life for the better.

Take John, for example, who dreamt that Van Morrison was sitting on the floor holding a pint of Guinness in his hand and arguing with his wife. In reality John and his wife were having an ongoing conflict. With the help of dream analysis John learned that he was holding onto a black and white attitude (holding the black and white Guinness) which he had picked up from watching his own parents (adults in the dream) deal with conflict in his childhood (when John used to sit on the floor). John listened to his dream and made positive changes that helped resolve the conflict.

Dream interpretation is not new, but in our 'Western' pursuit of science has been forgotten or overlooked by many. As far back as the Old Testament, Joseph showed us that dreams contain important messages. Native American cultures hold dreams in high regard as messages from the spirit world. For the Irish, Saint Patrick admitted he was told to come to Ireland in a dream. We also find Shakespeare accepting that dreams could be used to warn Julius Caesar of his murder.

So what are dreams? Dreams are the language of the Soul. Through dreams the soul comments on all aspects of our lives such as health, relationships, career and spirituality.

Health dreams have benefits that cannot be over exaggerated. We know that heart related illness is the leading cause of death in Western Culture. However, each person who dies of this would have had thousands of dreams alerting them of their fatal condition. There is no such thing as a sudden heart attack or stroke. Dreams provide an early warning system for these and other health problems in time for action to be taken.

You will discover that dreams almost always link physical conditions to events that happened earlier in life. These events are often the trigger or cause of a condition and need to be dealt with to remove the threat. Appropriate techniques for doing this will be explained as your dreams are interpreted.

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Relationship advice from a reliable source is always useful and you can't get better advice than from your dreams. Your dreams will tell you if you are moving too fast in a new relationship, if you are attentive to your partner's feelings and your own. Dreams will also tell you if you're heading for trouble and what you need to do about it.

Careers are always tricky. Your dreams help here by telling you when it is right to apply for a promotion and when others are working against you to block your path. If you are in the wrong career your dreams will tell you when it is time to move on and what path to follow.

Spirituality is expression of the soul and includes art, literature, poetry, music and meditation. It also includes spiritual gifts such as channeling, counseling, spiritual healing, absent healing, psychic ability, hypnotism and more. Each of these will be explained in this newsletter. If you already work in the spiritual field your dreams will tell you if you are on the right path and help you sharpen your abilities. If you are considering moving into this field your dreams will tell you exactly what you need to do.

For many, the idea of spiritual gifts seems alien. To understand them you need to discard the idea that you are a body with a soul. You don't have a soul - you ARE a soul and you have a body. You are a soul, which temporarily has a body. The body will eventually die but you (the soul or spirit) will live on. This change of perspective will help you enormously to open your mind. The ability to talk with spirits, for example, rather than being supernatural, is natural since that is what you first and foremost are - a spirit. Once explained properly, you'll see the benefits of each particular spiritual gift. You'll learn the difference between gifts, how to recognize them in dreams and how to develop them.

The Key to a healthy, happy and successful life is handed to you many times each night. The choice is yours to turn the key and open the door onto a bright New World full of the magic that children see. Nobody can stop dreaming. It is as vital to us as our heartbeat. Tonight, within minutes of falling asleep you'll find yourself back at the door to this mystical world. What will you learn this time on the other side of the threshold?


Michael Sheridan is the author of many published works about dreams and their interpretation.