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Lucid Dreaming for Fun, Adventure, Personal Growth & Illumination

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Lucid Dreams provide what star trek fans might call a nightly holodeck experience or what hi-tech buffs might see as the ultimate virtual reality, where there is no limit to graphics resolution, computing power or on-line storage. In dreams and in lucid dreams especially, where the world somewhat avails itself to the suggestions of the dreamer, adventure and intrigue are almost guaranteed because the usual laws of physics and of society no longer apply, and many of the apparent blocks set by age, sex, race or religion simply fall away.

In dreams we can be the hero of our own adventure, find romance, fly, travel through "solid" objects, breathe underwater, and perform feats free from embarrassment, peer pressure, monetary limits, and even physical handicaps. The boundaries of imagination are the only limits. One can even follow in the footsteps of Tibetan monks who master lucid dreaming as a spiritual illumination stepping stone on the path to enlightenment. Watch upcoming columns for a further description of lucid dreams and tips on how to have them.

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"All my life I've taken wondrous adventures upon the wings of my imagination while dreaming. I have flown many nights, talked to bears, dogs, raccoons, and owls; I have swum with dolphins and whales, breathing underwater as if I had gills" (L.G. Chico, CA)

"I suddenly realize I'm dreaming from surprise and excitement, recognizing that I've become a salmon swimming upstream! Leaping high into the air, I climb a series of chutes. Then I flip onto the shore and the flipping sensation feels so odd that I awaken." (W.D., Palo Alto, CA)