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Dreams and Nightmares

Dream reports from men, women consist of sexual-related activity

In a detailed study that served to investigate the actual nature and content of sexual dreams across a large sample of dream reports from men and women, approximately eight percent of everyday dream reports from both genders contain some form of sexual-related activity.

How to Increase Dream Recall

The main barrier to recalling and benefiting from dreams is that waking and dreaming memory aren't connected nearly as well as they could be with greater intention, practice and focus. Making a relatively consistent effort to remember and especially to record your dreams will help your waking mind align and integrate your dream experience. It's also an excellent way to increase imagination and intuitive capabilities which are both intimately connected with dreams. This alone should provide strong incentive.

Where Do Dreams Come From and Why?

Dreams come from your soul and are intended to help you progress along your life path. In sleep the focus of the physical world and the body is on hold and during this period your soul has a perfect opportunity to dialogue with your conscious mind... or so it would appear. The problem here is that the subconscious never sleeps.

Lucid Dreaming for Fun, Adventure, Personal Growth & Illumination

In dreams and in lucid dreams especially, where the world somewhat avails itself to the suggestions of the dreamer, adventure and intrigue are almost guaranteed because the usual laws of physics and of society no longer apply, and many of the apparent blocks set by age, sex, race or religion simply fall away.