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Alcohol Treatment and Rehab

Culture Can Affect Access To Alcohol, Drug Abuse Treatment

Cultural stereotypes about Hispanics could impede Latino youth from seeking help for drug and alcohol abuse. In turn, substance-abuse treatment providers must better understand how their own attitudes toward culture can affect the provision of sufficient behavioral health services, according to a new study. To do this, providers must first assess their own notions of culture and address any hidden biases.

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Alcohol Consumption Linked To Breast Cancer Risk

One of the largest individual studies of the effects of alcohol on the risk of breast cancer shows that it makes no difference whether a woman drinks wine, beer or spirits (liquor). It is the alcohol itself (ethyl alcohol) and the quantity consumed that increases breast cancer risk. In fact, the increased breast cancer risk from drinking three or more alcoholic drinks a day is similar to the increased breast cancer risk from smoking a packet of cigarettes or more a day, according to Kaiser Permanente researchers Yan Li, MD, PhD and Arthur Klatsky, MD.

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Pennsylvania Urges Awareness, Prevention Of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Pennsylvania Department of Healthofficials today recognized Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)Awareness Week at the state Capitol and discussed efforts to preventthe disorder that can occur in children whose mothers consume alcoholduring pregnancy.

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