Drug Addicts May Loose Benefits If Not Seeking Treatment

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Drug addicts in UK may loose benefits for next six month if they refuse to receive proper treatment.

This is a part of Home Office's 10 year and one billion pound plan to cut the number of drug users in the country. During the last 5 years the Government has successfully reduced the number of drug related crimes by 20%. This new project aims to go on with strong aim to cut the number of drug addicts even more.

Currently drug addicts cost 15 billion pounds annually to taxpayers, which is going to be changed thanks to this new project. Addicts need to understand the importance of receiving proper treatment and get chances for being employed. Those who will reject treatment will not be paid for a while.

UK Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said: "We want to see fewer people start using drugs and for our society to be free from the problems caused by drugs. We want those who do use drugs to enter and finish treatment and move on to lead healthy, drug-free lives. We want communities to be free of drug-related crime and we want see tough enforcement of the law."

The plan includes the measures briefly described below:


* Drug dealers will have all their assets seized during arrest time, rather than after finally being convicted. Those who prefer to invest money in household goods, cars, rather than in cash, will also loose everything they have. If they appear to be 'completely innocent' they will have their assets back.

* Grandparents will be highly encouraged to take care of grandchildren with addicted parents, to make sure kids will live in a healthy atmosphere.

* Children will have access to more qualified drug education. Schools will be watched by Ofsted inspectors to have proper anti-drug-lessons.

* UK Government will cooperate with other countries to reduce drug trafficking and money laundering.

* Women and minorities who currently lack drug treatment will be provided with better access to treatment.

Some critics disagree with this new project, because they think, that cutting drug addicts' benefits will even increase the number of drug related crimes, because drug users will simply start stealing. However, this plan sound promising and still needs to show on practice how effective it is.