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Hangover Cures for the New Year

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This year the experts in all their wisdom have finally given in and admitted that the all time best hangover cure is grease, and plenty of it. Revolting as it may sound, and unappetizing as it may be at the time, a large and grease laden meal of gargantuan proportions is the very best remedy to lessen hangover symptoms.

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The best possible method to guard against that feeling of having died and gone to hell when you wake up after a hard night on the tiles, is to eat this disgusting repast before you go to bed, even if you think the cure is worse than the disease!

Some doctors recommend that those who are susceptible to hangovers drink a large glass of milk before going out drinking. The milk is rumoured to line one's digestive bits and pieces. The more modern thinking is that milk really does little to help and that only a large dose of grease laden starch is going to be an effective remedy. Hence the popularity of the ever welcome kebab on the way home from the pub.

Over the years people have tried and tested a number of curious concoctions to try to make themselves feel human after drinking too much. Australians tend to favour egg recipes (I would rather face the greasy breakfast thank you very much) and the Chinese mix up an evil smelling brew with vine leaves. The Japanese reach for the sake but the British always stick to the good old fried eggs and bacon, preferably at the local caf