Hythiam's Prometa Alcohol Treatment

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New Addiction treatment drug from Hythiam called Prometa claims treatment from alcoholism and other addictions, but Prometa is not FDA approved.

Few days ago Hythiam's prometa was featured on ABC's nightline, and today it was presented in CBS's 60 minutes, where CBS discussed Prometa as a possible treatment for alcohol and other addictions.

CBS reports that "Terren Peizer is selling hope to the desperate. If what he says is true, he's hit on the first medical treatment for methamphetamine addiction -- a therapy that he says works for cocaine and alcohol, too.


"An alcoholic getting treatment with Prometa visits a clinic three times, getting one drug, flumazenil, by infusion, and two more, gabapentin and hydroxyzine, in the form of pills; meth and cocaine addicts require two additional treatments later in the month. And patients take gabapentin daily for a month. Prometa's treatment plans also call for nutritional supplements and counseling sessions. "

FDA has not yet approved Prometa treatment from Hythiam Inc, but CBS says Peizer has commisioned four studies.

Below is Hythiam's news release on Prometa from Nov. 1, 2007