Sazerac Adopts Stricter Alcohol Advertising Standards

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Alcohol Advertising Standards

Sazerac company adopts stricter alcohol advertising standards say the statement from the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth.


The following is a statement attributable to David H. Jernigan, Ph.D., executive director, Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth at Georgetown University:

"Sazerac Company has taken a positive and serious step to reduce the appeal of its products to underage youth by formally adopting stronger marketing standards. This announcement, along with a similar move last week by Beam Global Spirits & Wine, demonstrates that momentum is building by members of the alcohol industry to answer calls from the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine, the State Attorneys General, and the U.S. Surgeon General to reduce youth exposure to their marketing.

"Both Sazerac and Beam promise to refrain from advertising in places where the underage audience is 25% or more, and to achieve an annual aggregate average of 15% underage youth. Beam has explicitly committed to achieving this by brand and by medium.

"CAMY estimates that if the rest of the alcohol industry matched this tighter standard, youth exposure to alcohol advertising on television would be reduced by 14% and in magazines by 10%. Alcohol companies have an opportunity to show they are serious about reducing the appeal of their products to underage people by matching or surpassing the promises made by Sazerac Company and Beam Global Spirits & Wine."