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Alcohol Treatment and Rehab

When It Comes To Addictions It’s Not All In Your Head

May 6 2017 - 7:23am
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For years addictions have been treated like a disease when its really more about nutritional deficiencies. When it comes to holistic addiction treatments the brain is central, in part, in helping to get addiction under control. Getting the brain what it needs to function optimally can be done with diet. Proper nourishment, such as foods high in glucose and mineral salts can stop the brain's electrical impulses from short-circuiting and end addictive behaviors.

Addictions are really hard to deal with in so many ways. The hardest part of dealing with addiction is gaining an understanding of how addictions happen.

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The Importance of Better Diagnostic Services at Rehabilitation Centers

Dec 28 2016 - 11:33am
Rehabilitation Centers

People have been fighting about gun rights – it's been a heated topic in politics for years following the many unfortunate shootings. But recent news reveals that deaths from drug abuse outnumber deaths caused by shootings. Drug addiction isn't one-dimensional – it can have various easily treatable underlying causes. Better diagnostic services at rehab centers can pinpoint any underlying deficiencies or pathologies and allow physicians to offer more effective individualized treatment to patients.

This year the U.S. average life expectancy has dropped – which is something that hasn't happened in two decades. Experts say that it's mostly due to heart attacks and drug abuse.

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Here Are Some Ways to Fight Alcoholism This December

Dec 14 2016 - 7:31pm
Fight Alcoholism

December is a joyous month teeming with many holidays, but there's a bit of a dark side. Alcohol consumption rises in December – as does alcoholism.

December is a time of celebration – but it's also one of the months you should watch your loved one more carefully if he's suffering from alcoholism.

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Alcohol and Health: myths, facts and little knowns

Feb 4 2016 - 5:34pm

The effect of alcohol on health is one of the most debated topics in medicine. The uncertainty is mostly confined to heart health and the remaining effects are quite well-understood and mostly deleterious. First, understanding the definition of amount of alcohol consumption is important: Moderate consumptions is less than 2 drinks per day for women or anyone over age 65, less than 3 drinks per day for men.

Safe dose of alcohol is defined as no more than two drinks daily for men and one drink daily for nonpregnant women.

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Holistic approach to treating addiction improves recovery

Jan 11 2016 - 8:07pm

An addiction to alcohol can have a devastating impact on your family, friends, work and home. Although treatment programs provide hope, it is important to understand the value of a holistic approach to improve the chances of recovery. A holistic approach refers to programs that treat the mind, body and spirit. These programs recognize that addiction is influenced by multiple factors, so it requires a versatile plan.

Holistic approach

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Can Brown Seaweed Help Reduce Fatty Liver?

Oct 30 2015 - 11:35am
brown seaweed

If you are overweight or if you have been on a diet trying to lose weight or if you have had weight loss surgery and have had rapid weight loss, chances are you have a fatty liver or steatosis. It’s estimated that as many as 1 in 5 people has fatty liver disease which is usually caused by an underlying condition such as diabetes, insulin resistance (IR), high triglycerides, malnutrition, and is associated with alcohol consumption (ASH). When not associated with alcohol it is referred to as non-alcoholic steatohepatitis or NASH.

The disease process is most often diagnosed in people age 40-60 but can happen at any age. With the rise in obesity among children, fatty liver disease is a growing concern.

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How your binge drinking is hurting the U.S. economy

Oct 16 2015 - 9:59pm
CDC report: Binge drinking costs US economy billions

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highlights the economic toll excessive alcohol intake is taking on the U.S. economy. Your binge drinking could contributing to billions of dollars paid by the government.

According to the report consuming as little as 4 drinks at a time or more for women and 5 or more alcoholic beverages for men cost the government more than 100 billion dollars between 2006 and 2010

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Drinkers live longer than non-drinkers, says surprising study

Dec 16 2013 - 2:21pm
Research shows drinkers live longer than abstainers.

In a recent study published in the journal, Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, researchers made a surprising discovery about the lifespan of those who drink alcohol, compared with those who have never touched a drink in their life. They found that people who abstain from alcohol actually die sooner than those who enjoy it in moderation.

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You Didn't Realize She Was Angry? Alcohol's Effects on Perceiving Social Cues

Aug 30 2013 - 6:25am
Anger and alcohol

When was the last time you did not realize someone was giving you hints as to their emotions but you were too intoxicated from the excessive consumption of alcohol to notice? You can probably name a few instances, at the least.

Well, you’re not alone.

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Drunkorexia: 5 Signs Your College Student's Heavy Drinking May Indicate Drunkorexia

Oct 18 2011 - 12:12pm

Drunkorexia is a weight loss method favored by college students that couples heavy drinking with anorexia. The problem with drunkorexia is that it leads to malnutrition and the risk of alcoholism.

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