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Getting Rid Of Gallstones Naturally

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The gallbladder is a small pear-shaped organ that sits on the right side of our bodies just beneath the liver. Its primary function is to store and secrete bile. Bile is a yellow-brown fluid produced by the liver, which helps us digest fats. Our liver produces up to three cups of bile a day. Our gallbladder can store up to a cup of bile as it awaits a fatty meal.

When we eat, our gallbladder contracts and pushes bile into the small intestines where it helps with the digestion of fats. Bile is made up of water, cholesterol, fats, bile salts, proteins and bilirubin. Under certain conditions, substances in the bile, especially the cholesterol or bile pigment (bilirubin) can harden into stones gallstones. Gallstones can be as small as a grain of sand or as large as a golf ball. We can develop one large stone or a multitude of smaller ones.

Many people with gallstones have no symptoms at all. Others go through life relatively symptom free, experiencing minor symptoms such as abdominal bloating, intolerance to fatty foods, belching, intestinal gas and indigestion. For others, however they may suffer what is called a gallstone "attack". Gallstone attacks often follow a fatty meal. Symptoms of an attack include steady, severe pain in the upper abdomen that can last from 30 minutes to several hours. Sufferers may also experience pain in the back between the shoulder blades or under the right shoulder. A gallstone attack is often accompanied by nausea or vomiting. If symptoms such as sweating, chills, a fever or a yellowish color to the skin or whites of the eyes occur, it is important to seek medical assistance.

There are a number of factors that increase your risk of having gallstones. Those at a higher risk include women, especially women who are pregnant, on hormone therapy or taking birth control pills, people over 60 years of age, Native and Mexican Americans, overweight individuals and individuals who fast or go on crash diets and lose a lot of weight quickly.

It is important to recognize that if the gallbladder is loaded with stones, there is very little room to store bile and fat digestion may become impaired. In turn, the unused bile can back up into the liver causing liver congestion. If this is the case, it is important to evaluate your liver's health prior to cleansing on your gallbladder.

Recommendations For Wellness

The traditional treatment for gallstones is to have your gallbladder removed. There are, however, a number of things you can do to reduce your risk of producing gallstones or experiencing a gallstone attack.

Reduce your consumption of saturated fats typically found in red meat and pork, while increasing the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables you consume.

Start a diet and exercise program, but avoid crash dieting which can increase your risk of gallstones. Both diet and exercise can help you reduce your risk of producing gallstones.

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If you are taking birth control pills or are on hormone replacement therapy, speak with your doctor regarding your risk of forming stones or have them check your gallbladder for the presence of gallstones regularly.

Studies indicate that coffee increase the flow of bile and may help to decrease the risk of gallstones. If you decide to add a little coffee to your health plan for this reason, make sure you only consume organically grown coffee beans.

Supplement with vitamin C. Vitamin C is needed by the body to convert cholesterol to bile acids in the body.

Lecithin has been shown to help break down and transport fat molecules and may help dissolve gallstones. Studies indicate that it is helpful in protecting us from gallstone formation.

Safflowers can be used to thin body fluids as well as aid in the digestion of oils.

Nature's Sunshine Gall Bladder Formula can be used to help stimulate circulation, improve liver function & aid in the production of digestive fluids.

Do a gallbladder flush. During a gallbladder flush, 1-2 cups of olive oil are consumed to simulate the gallbladder into releasing bile. This increased demand on the gallbladder to release bile works to push the stones out.

If you think your liver is congested, or if you have been having minor symptoms of gallstones for a long period of time, it is important to support and cleanse your liver for a period of time before doing a gallbladder flush. Try taking herbs such as milk thistle, dandelion or a liver cleanse formula.


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I have been diagnosed as of yesterday to have gall stones. I have pain very frequently and have been suffering 4 some time now. I was reading the suggestions and was wondering if I can try the flush without taking the milk thistle, dandelion ot liver cleanse formula. Or do I need to do that before the flush.
I also have a stone. I had pains and the doctors eventually sent me for a scan, it is the size of a marble about 11mm's but the pain was awlful. It stopped for 6 months and has now come back again. I have been drinking coke and i think that has started it off. I usually drink pure orange juice and ive had no trouble when doing so. I managed to find a few pills thatbi was given before. Thank god these stop the pain in minutes. Next day i get off work im taking olive oil and trying a flush. Im also going to the health food shop for dandellion tea thanks to these forums. Thankyou
i would like to know how can i get rid of gallstone without surgery. my son is sixteen years and has gallstone for the past thirteen years,please help me if you can.thank you my name is Joyce from Grenada.
Hi me too i have this bad stones. call me at 760-565-3879. i am taking many natural capsules but still the pain there i have a natural dr she said keep talking.. i am hoping the best in my life but only God know. call me the best wishes.
hello I have had my gallstones for about five year and i have only been told by my doctor that I can only have my gallbadder/gallstones removed by having a op. Can you tell me if the doctor can give me pills to dissolve the gallstones please. Also can I have a baby with gallstones ? / will the gallstones hurt the baby or will they just give my pain?. I have also seen that a person can flush gallstones out but the doctor said to me that it does not work ?. Please can you HELP me because I SO want my gallstones out of me and to have a baby and to get on with my life. Thank you for your time ,liz..
I got my gallstones while i was pregnant. but symptoms didnt come until after i had my son. I was in alot of pain and the dr said it was just because i was pregnent and come to find out i have gallstones. If you get pregnant i would recommend the whole diet stuff because it will be very pain full to have an attack while pregnant
Yes, its a prescription drug..takes a long time and their are side effects...usually prescribed for those who are unable to do surgery. Its best to get an ultra sound to determine exactly whats what because of such wide variations of content..size..location etc. we started chanca piedra a few days ago..I do not know if this will help or not but you might investigate carefully this and anything not well documented and should you opt for something, go slow...very slow. my best to you...Claudio
I have been reading about Chanca Piedra, known as the stone breaker. Check it out by searching for it. The best price I've found is on Swanson.
thank you for your suggestion I have suffered from gallstones for many years I have done the gallbledder flush and it worked but the problem is still there i still get gall bladder attacts i am so fearful of surgery I would rather try any other form of healing
Oh my God it worked!!!!! thank you so much..
It seems very pitiful to me that for all the hate of Science that the testimonials could make use of Science in the defense and furthering of real knowledge. A C.T. scan and ultrasound can detect gall stones. If such flush techniques work, a simple before and after scan, ultrasound being the cheapest, would enhance any kind of avocation of gall stone elimination through natural means. But symptomatic relief is all that I've seen in the many web pages talking up rare root ingestion to special fasts, Apple, olive oil flushes, radish and turmeric ingestion etc. It's fortunate no one you've come across that has real allergies to these ingredients has tried the solutions and went into shock and died. For example, a number of these solutions contain high concentrations of Salicylates, which can be toxic to certain allergic people and represent a potential danger to the health of certain individuals. Testimonials also have the clear disadvantage of ever or rarely being critical, for certainly for some, the treatments are ineffective. No statistics can be applied to determine overall efficacy, nor in the instances where it is or isn't, provide a logical provable reason why. No rigid controls or follow up can be conducted and while any incompetence in the medical community is deplorable, the Naturopathy, and similar modalities of treatment have even less oversight by any guardian body than standard medical treatment. While most might be out a few hundred dollars and their suffering extended, others could lose a part of their long term health or perhaps their lives by delaying treatments, that while might be imperfect, have at least a more statistical basis for success than anecdotal supported treatments. By and by I want to make clear I have no medical training or provide comment that's authoritative beyond a certain common sense. I do hold a degree in technology and have worked with the detection technologies in question and a certain level of science. Being a pragmatic person, I'm always interested in what works over that which doesn't, but have learned that most things have a logical reason why they work and a repeatability that can be relied on, without a lot of extra special circumstances or untraceable interference, failure, or success getting in the way. Yes, untraceable success can be as problematic as a failure, because nothing of real value is learned in either case. I think its important that the reader know this, additionally because, I have no agenda. I've had my own level of frustration with medicine and have found satisfactory reasons why, but haven't formulated an all inclusive way to deal with it. I have no easy answer however, I would suggest if you have trouble with no matter how many different Doctors you see, that a better one is just around the corner and it's just a matter of finding which corner. Just my 2 cents.
Some people like to heal themselves instead of just keep cutting parts off that show symptoms. I've been *cured* of a few serious things with herbs... herbs aren't rare or weird, they're just as potent as drugs and so much safer. We used them until the 50's successfully.
Hello, i am working naturally my galls i am having no solution yet. i trust naturally things but i may not doing the correct things. Please call me (760) 565-3879 thank you so much
Oh and yeah, most herbs listed here can be bought for under $4 each and unless you have *rare* allergic shock, ingestion of herbs can only usually cause a minor reaction like drippy nose, etc. You are only as likely to have allergies to herbs as you are to fresh fruit or vegetables... herbs are vegetation... you eat them every day. Parsley, basil, oregano, they're just common, and YES medicinal herbs. It's preferable to keep your gallbladder if you can because bile dripping into your intestine all the time after removal causes intestinal cancer. Cumin is very good to increase bile production, and that is just medical fact, increasing bile flow is good. Eating a half to a cup of peas every hour also helps a lot because it stimulates bile production. That can take away the pain within a day. I've done it. Symptomatic relief is good. If it's not causing any symptoms, then it's not a problem. It's not harmful if you're not having pain or problems with it.
Just because you mask the symptoms does not mean that the problem is gone. This is a potentially life threating illness. Most cleanses only mask the problem and fool you into thinking that you have passed a stone when in reality what you have done is made a soap that floats and mimics a stone. Do some more research before telling people to completely ignore medicine. I will do natural when it is safe but sometimes you need medical help so don't play with you life get all the facts.
and u said ALLL of that to say what?? that was SOO pointless shut up
Thank you for a realistic view of this treatment. I'm currently in pain due to a gallbladder problem and would do almost anything to make it stop. I needed to read your response when I did or I would probably be out buying olive pill, milk thistle and Epsom salts, too. Pain clouds peoples judgment.
My dear mom had what you describe here and she followed 2 treatments at the same time: one with drugs==> Oxbil and one with a herbal tea especially designed for this illness(the the is called hepatobil).<< hemroid treatment >>
I advise any woman to have them stones removed b4 having a babay... bcuz u will be in excrusiating pain the whole 9months... I got mine wen I was 7 months prego and I was hospitilized twice over it and it felt like labor =(
I've gotten rid of gall stones before through natural means, much to my surgeons disgust! I highly recommend trying this before surgery
Hello great you worked naturally w your gallstones. could you please call me al (760) 565-3879 thank so much !!
Took my son to the GI dr when he was 15. Dr said he had gallbladder problems, based on location and symptoms of pain. He would only eat pancakes, danishes, etc. Dr said he would test gallbladder and remove if it wasn't working. Went online and checked natural remedies. Found a site that claimed that in US gallbladder is removed if not working, but in Europe they prescribe dandelion (and that it works in a couple of days!) I thought that sounded ridiculous, but worth trying. Went over to a health food store and got Herbs of Light Liver/Gallbladder which costed about $15. My son hated the stuff, so I thought I'd just wasted my money. Two weeks later, he asked for more and said it worked. Now he's 19 and still has his gallbladder. Every few months we go and get some of it. The best part is that the dr claims now that my son never had gallbladder problems, "No, the test shows that his gallbladder is fine!" He eats cheeseburgers and everything now. I'm starting to also suspect that I might have gallbladder problems, and the slight pain that I've had also responded to that Herbs of Light stuff. We've recommended it to our friends, but never found out if anyone else liked it. I think it's fantastic for gallbladder.
To get rid of your gallstones.... Immediately eliminate refined breads and flour from your diet along with all saturated fats.... Eat at least one apple per day Eat at least two cups of vegatables daily Avoid red meat, pork and other fatty foods Take one Ginseng capsule each morning with a vitamin C pill Stay strict
I have gallstones also and I suffered the attacks from it. I can say that the liver/gallbladder flush works. Just last month, I completed the flush, and passed many stones. I tried the one where you have to drink apple juice for 3 or 4 days, and then the epsom salt and olive. I know it sounds nasty but it beats having to go through surgery. I'm also taking the gallbladder formula by Nature's Sunshine. I'm a firm believer in natural medicine and I believe that herbs work. I say do your research and find out ways to heal yourself, b/c theses doctors are only out here for money.
I also suffered many gall stone attacks and afraid to take the flush treatment. My doctor advised that if the stone is stuck in the middle of the duct, I will end up in emergency room and it will be hard while doing the surgery. Please advice if you faced any problem in flushing?
can you please tell me exactly how this works. like how much apple juice and epsom salt and olive oil. I have heard of this working for so many people. thanks
I am a healthy female nurse. I have never had an attack of gallstones but the results of my bloodwork on this years annual checkup revealed abnormal liver function tests. I was very worried and had an abdominal ultrasound recently that revealed a 9mm span of gallstones inside my gallbladder. I did the gallstone cleanse for the past six days and last evening I did the epsom salt/warm water drink x 2, followed by the olive oil and lemon juice drink a couple of hours later. It wasn't nearly as bad tasting as i expected and i felt only slightly nauseated but slept well. Well great ceasar!!!! This morning I passed the gallstones and i've only had one bowel movement thus far and know there will be more to come!! If you google 'gallstones' and go to 'images' you will see exactly what they look like once they've been passed. I am very excited to have been able to avoid surgery and will be bringing the stones to my Dr. and to the health store where i got the supplies i needed to do the cleanse. For all those folks with 'contempt prior to investigation' give it a try! I'm so thrilled at the results and the possibility that i have avoided surgery.
hi did you ever have a scan after the cleanse to see if gallstones are present or have disappeared.....i am by the way in the middle of this remedy maurice
Hi, I am so happy for your recovery! Especially a natural one! I have a 7mm gallstone and I am feeling awful since Friday. Can you please let me know what exactly you took, how much and how often. I am allergic to gluten as well. Last thing I want is having surgery. Thank you so much.