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Study Confirms Value Of Homeopathy

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Outcomes from a pilot study confirm homeopathy to be a useful treatment option for NHS patients.

Nearly 60% of patients who had received a series of homeopathy appointments reported an improvement in health that affected their daily lives. A total of 1,602 patients were seen at follow-up appointments in all five UK NHS homeopathic hospitals during one month in 2007. The study found that patients receiving homeopathic treatment often have more than one main medical problem.

The study also found that eczema is currently the most common referral to homeopathy by NHS doctors. Other commonly treated complaints were chronic fatigue, menopausal disorder and osteoarthritis.

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Previously, outcomes from NHS homeopathic treatment have also been excellent: in 2005, the largest study of homeopathic treatment reported that 70% of 6,544 follow-up patients experienced improvement in their health. Eczema, asthma, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, depression and chronic fatigue were most commonly treated - difficult problems suffered by many patients.2

The Faculty of Homeopathy recently welcomed Lord Darzi’s report, which puts patient choice at the centre of the NHS. Dr Sara Eames, President of the Faculty said, “The pilot is promising and confirms my own experience of treating NHS patients with homeopathy. The homeopathic hospitals are conducting meaningful treatment and observation of patients that is absolutely in line with the recommendations of the Darzi Report.”

The homeopathic hospitals are pioneers in the field of integrated medicine provided by fully qualified medical practitioners and which provide the NHS a wide range of services for groups of hard-to-treat patients, combining the best of orthodox and complementary medical treatments. They have emerged as leading centres for an integrated approach to long-term conditions and are valued by patients and the GPs that refer them.

Homeopathy has never been so popular; currently 15% of the population of Britain trust it and over 30 million Europeans use it.