Color-Changing Bath Lamp Believed To Provide Healing

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Soothing Floating Lamp

The Japanese believe that LED lighting will bring healing or soothing effect, which releases all the stress from your body. It would be a plus, when LED soothing is applied together with some aroma, especially when you’re bathing.

Net Japan has designed a floating waterproof aromatic lamp, which is called Lx. The Lx lamp is best used while you’re taking bath. It is powered by couple of LEDs, which dim smoothly and change its lights every 48 and 12 seconds.


Lx lamp will emit the lights in three different modes, which are colorful / select / sky mode. The colorful mode emits rainbow colors which rotate every 48 seconds. The select mode allows the user to select from a range of soothing and calming colors which rotate every 12 seconds. And the sky mode will light up your bathroom with colors of the sky from dawn to dask that rotate every 48 seconds.

You can add your favorite aromatic oil into the Lx lamp and let the hot bath heat up the oil, which brings best soothing to release all your stress. The Lx lamp will off itself after one hour, which you wouldn’t have to worry about it’ll burn too much of its batteries. The lamp is waterproof which is definitely safe to use during showering or bathing. Leaving it to float in your bath tub bringing the best soothing while you’re bathing. It needs four triple As batteries to run.

Reported by Tech Chee Medical