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DanBall Shiatsu Finger Massager

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Shiatsu Finger Massager

You have been typing on your QWERTY keyboard extensively with all your fingers lately. Now you want to give your fingers some relaxations, say a shiatsu massage. Having a gadget around that can give your fingers good massage is definitely a neat idea.

The DanBall Shiatsu Finger Massager is a gadget that has been created by the Japanese, who have realized the importance of giving the fingers good massage after a hard day of work. The massager gives nice shiatsu massage.

Just insert your three fingers into the holes on the Danball massager, it’ll then start applying intense shiatsu massage to your three exhausted fingers, especially on the sensitive pressure points on your fingertips. The Danball will massage your fingers for a full minute, which is just nice to release some stress from it.

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The massager also shines your fingers with Infrared rays, which most probably enhances better blood circulation of your fingers (Or perhaps will also induce better circulation of blood to other parts of body). Besides, during the one-minute of massaging work, it also flashes its LED along and play a soothing melody to keep the rest of your body calm.

The Danball massager is powered a built-in lithium ion battery, which can stand up to 50 1-minute massages, before needing to be recharged that takes about 3 hours.

The price of this gadget definitely puts you in hesitant state, as it carries a price tag of $2,000. It all depends on how you think of the importance of taking care of your exhausted fingers, then you’ll consider if it’s worth to spend big bucks for it.

Shiatsu massage is somehow believed by the Japanese, by massaging your fingers or palms, it’ll be able to detect irregularities of your body, and to promptly apply correction or heal the problems. It’s probably similar to the reflexology concept.

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