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Massage Therapy Gift Certificates Becoming The Trend

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Massage therapy intersects with two major consumer trends this holiday season making massage therapy gift certificates a holiday gift idea every adult appreciates.

National consumer research has shown a dramatic increase in acceptance of massage therapy by Americans over the past two decades, with 16 percent of Americans - one in six - having received a massage in 2006, up from 12 percent in 2004. First-time users reported overwhelmingly positive experiences in a January 2007 survey conducted by Harstad Strategic Research and sponsored by ABMP.

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"That positive response to a first-time massage therapy, in combination with the skyrocketing popularity of gift certificates, makes massage an ideal gift this holiday season," says Les Sweeney, nationally certified massage therapist and president of ABMP.

Multiple consumer studies released in recent weeks are showing gift certificates and gift cards to be the top choice for holiday shoppers this year, and further, that they are highly popular with gift recipients. Deloitte's annual holiday survey released this month found these items, for the fourth straight year, will be the top choice for 69 percent of American shoppers. Thirty-nine percent of consumers said they would prefer receiving gift certificates and cards over merchandise.

Massage Therapy Is More Than A Luxury

In October, Unity Marketing said consumers of "luxury" goods are spending less on items like jewelry and home d